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(1102) Review: Mad Bob’s ZOMBIE Pick Kit




  1. Great stuff, Bill!
    Wish I had found this channel a long time ago.
    BTW, I have a Ghost Pro on the way. Thanks for the heads up about the company.

  2. Loving the channel. Bill has taught me so much. I was told i had the start of gycoma and would eventually go blind so i thought i need a hobby that does not need eyes and i can tell you I’m loving it. I’ll be after an address eventually Bill. I’m coming over to Malibu shortly and would love to meet up for a coffee and a cake chocolate of course😎

  3. I can appreciate the nice work Mad Bob did on the zombie kit. It was a beautiful concept kit, even if not so practical. Maybe it was never meant to be…..

    That ghost pro kit is nice, an alternative to the tuxedo set for concealed carrying.

  4. Thank you for reviewing two different kits from the same manufacturer. I appreciate your comments.

  5. Great review Bill !
    I personally prefer the Mad Bob Ghost Pro Hook & Rake Set over these two sets.. but they are all great picks.

  6. That black(ish) finish looks like Parkerizing, a kind of phosphate finish. Not convinced that it’s appropriate for lock picks, as it isn’t very durable. Picks used as rakes or in kinetic attacks will likely strip some of the corrosion protection…

  7. if you want to fit more picks, you would need to drill out the rivets, insert a spacer and re-rivet it or replace the rivets for bolt and nuts so you can take it apart and insert spacers as needed. Now, if the case was modular with the nuts and bolts straight out the box, I could see it being worth $60.

  8. I have both kits. I like the zombie kit just for the case, but chose to replace a few tools inside. Sparrows and the Ghost picks fit in place. Since I like to collect, I am happy with it. I use it as my EDC.

  9. What we've learned today is that the Dangerfield Serenity kit needs a bypass knife added, and a MOLLE strap or some velcro sewn on the back of the pouch. Boom.

  10. Neat case in concept, but I'm coming to believe that versatility in what you can carry in a smaller edc set is a bit more important than super durability…

  11. Great review. Interesting set up, but too little versatility for my taste. This would likely be an OK kit for a unit kit, where everyone has exactly the same Mil spec training…. the right way, the wrong way and the Army way…

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