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(1103) Whipped by MonkeyLockPicks




  1. Question about the lock did you get the striking that you used on Hines key system to work on the lock it looks like it was a complete reverse of Hines key system

  2. Excellent little challenge lock but, I agree with you on this one Bill, in so much as it wouldn't work in a commercial setting, especially as the key doesn't operate to reset the lock. Still, some amazing work has gone in to those pins and, that does get a thumbs up mate. Anyway nice video though and, can't wait to see what you get in next 😀👍

  3. As a fellow RC pilot who started with planes and now is getting into some quad stuff, I feel you man!!!

    Don't give up though keep trying! Get you a nice (tough) trainer and learn to fly line of sight before you try fpv again. Better yet get yourself a sim like the Phoenix sim or realflight. Then go get a trainer like a hobbyzone champ or eflite apprentice. They will be much* more durable. The strix stuff is made to be light and strong for endurance fpv, not so much for crashing. Whereas trainers are specifically designed to take some serious abuse. Stick at it and you'll be rewarded with the best of both worlds! Worth it I promise! Keep us updated!

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