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(1116) Review: HPC Pocket Killer Pick Kit (ENHANCED)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com




  1. Holy Moly, talk about price gouging ! Although HPCs are built good, the price is outrageous !! I would say the only useful items would be the diamond & hook picks, the tensioners and the leather case. I would say is worth approximately $10-$20 !!
    If they’re gonna charge such a high price, why didn’t they give picks and items that is most commonly used.

  2. That Pocket Jim is available separately, part number CO 58. Hard to locate, and around $60 before shipping.
    Does shine some light on the cost of goods for the Pocket Killer set…

  3. I have been watching your You Tube videos for some time but was caring for my mother. Now that she is gone from this earth and in a better place, I want to really start working to develop my skills. Would love to win this set.

  4. What would be a good kit for really easy, practical picking? I like the idea of learning to pick locks, but I dont have the time to really learn, so I'll have to be content cheating open locks. I was thinking like a city and bogota, a thin knife, a slim jim, anything I can use to get into a lock as quickly as possible. Suggestions?

  5. So I am just getting into locks. I was researching the best option to secure my enclosed trailer full of my tools. I didn't know there was so many guy's out their that picked locks as a hobby/training, but I'm finding myself really wanting to try picking some of my cheaper locks myself. Is there any laws about buying/shipping/possession of lock picks a newbie should be aware of?

  6. F.Y.I "Genuine leather" isn't a statement that it is made of leather. Well, I guess it does mean it is made of leather, but it is a grade of leather. It is pretty much bottom tier, and is made of several layers of leather scraps glued together and painted/dyed to appear as one piece of leather.

  7. Just had to say that i like when you talk to a look like "talk to me baby" got a assa ruko 4 (red line) that just refuses to evan whisper to me.strugled with it for more then a year. Quite paracentrik so might need 15 thousends of an inch to solve it. Successfully done assa SCD 7 pinnens but this 7 pinner is just not talking. If you got opportunity in feature i Would Love to get more education of what to do when locks dont talk to you and IF possible a ruko 4 lock. I know those locks are expensive for a reason now though 😀😜

  8. Throw away the snowman and the ball in the bonus picks that Bill's added, and that is the set I wish existed for beginners.

  9. Those pick blanks make good wallet pick sets for emergencies. I carry a three pick set made from the HPC blanks and they work great. I did add one layer of heat shrink to them.

  10. Hey Bill, I was wondering if we could get a review of the Klom 320 kit? It is a fairly large kit but pretty inexpensive. Heard a legend they can be found even cheaper from an app called Wish.
    Thank you for all the amazing videos even if you do not get to review this kit.

  11. Do you typically wet or dry sand the ends of picks? Im a newbie getting into the hobby, If you have time i have a few more questions for you 🙂

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