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(173) Two Weeks with a Medeco


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. What kind of medeco was the gold one? Where could I get one? I really wanna try picking a medeco it's my lock picking dream to pick one. Please help me out to locate one bill I really wanna get that lock. Please help me locate one. Thanx in advance

  2. interesting video about medeco. These guys may be full of BS; but just in case they are not, someone more knowledgeable about locks than me should evaluate. Sounded suspiciously too easy to me… They kind of waste the first half of the video telling you what they intend to tell you, so you can fast forward there.

  3. Medeco Locks are proven not second but three parties inquiries that are pick proof. Governments buildings uses this type of Locks. You might be picking these locks without Sidebars or using same size of pins or using the master pins as top pins I seen all tricks. Try to pick one of my Locks with my own combination. U DUMMIES

  4. you are a Lock God !!!  never thought I would actually see a real deal Medeco picked. as far as i'm concerned, you picked it. your not supposed to even be able to get that far. Looking for the Multi-lock video, i did see an impressive video of someone picking the Multi-lock with like a very thin tin foil, will look for video and tag you with it.

  5. I gutteda Medeco to see the pins, but there's no way (for me) to get the top housing screwed open so I had to squeeze the springs in. Got two springs stuck and broken, lost one of the two small springs on the side tab :(. Lesson learend. Probably should ask a locksmith to get a replacement.

  6. Hey bill, might I pick your brain a bit? I have the very same medeco, and i made a groove grabber to help me set the sidebar, then i found out groove grabbers don't work on ARX pins (milled). so i set about trying to turn the pins to the correct angle with a pick (also a slender gem, much like you have, except it is .018). the problem i have is this: I can't figure out what feeling i am looking for when turning the pin to determine what angle is appropriate/ when the pin is sidebar-set. lifting to the correct height is a cinch, so this seems to be the only barrier to success with this lock. any help would be appreciated.

  7. The sidebar IS a Medeco lock.
    If we can get by that sidebar, manipulating a Medeco is just like manipulating any other pin tumbler lock, because it no longer matters which way those pins are facing.
    Try using a paperclip to force that sidebar out of the keyway prior to inserting your other tools.
    Then pick the lock just like a Schlage.

  8. I just got my first lock picked today. eurolock, but i don't know the model. just says 236 on the front of it.
    4 pins, really easy, but i didn't have a tension wrench (tiny shoulder on that key) so i used the tail. got it open with a hairpin. 4 times in 10 minutes, but it had no spools and no security in it.

  9. Absolutely fantastic!  I have learned a lot from you and it was good to see how you approach learning something new.  I do have a a question. I am still a newbie. I think you answered a PM from me. I am starting on SPP. I found a lock on learnlockpicking.com that is a 6 pin cylinder. No name on front. Just set screws on top like that Medeco to change each pin location setup. Comes with 100 or so mixed pins, different length springs, some master wafers, enough spools to populate the entire. I was thinking of getting it to use much like you just did. Start with 1 pin, etc. With shipping, the whole thing is about $50. My first thought was it would be a great tool for me to learn how to feel binding at first, and then move on to security pins when I am ready. I have been playing with master padlocks and used Kwikset exterior door locksets. I bought a 12 piece beginners pick kit from Southord, but just recently bought both TOK pry bars from Peterson as well as the Gem, Bogie, and an offset diamond. Just wanted your opinion on the training lock from the website I listed above. Thanks so much. Love all your videos.

  10. hi bill great video I'm just starting out did some bumping with self made keys 5 years ago now want to focus on single pin picking .you mentioned a practice lock with a tub of pins and spools where can I pick one of these up from I'm in Finland ??

  11. Awesome video Bill. Thats the way i managed to pick my chubb m3 awhile back. I have a 6 pin the same as yours and have just recently picked it back up, hope to get a video out soon ;)

  12. Theres a video on YouTube around 1.45 hours about these medeco locks. They've figured out how to pick them in under a minute, iv never tried but it was good info despite not being the most exciting watch

  13. Absolutely terrific! I only wish your vid was around when I started learning these. The only thing I was going to add, you covered toward the end of the vid… the option of pushing in addtion to pulling to achieve rotation (I like both). As I've mentioned, I've a long way to go before considering myself consistant with Medeco. I'll tell you what… I really enjoyed this vid! Thanks for taking the time to document the journey and put it all together. p.s. I believe you picked 6pins. lol

  14. Well it seems "Open in Thirty Seconds" may not be true after all. More likely "Open in Thirty Seconds after YEARS of training!" That would be the right title I'd say 🙂
    Good job bill keep on learning!

  15. Probably over 100 hours off-and-on. These locks DO require a little commitment… After I upload the video of me opening the Medeco 6-pin (in about 10 minurres) I think I'm going to take a break from these for a while. They suck out your soul…

  16. They look like steel but are actually brass with a chrome coating. Only one or two of the drivers are steel to prevent drilling. I wish they WERE steel – then they wouldn't have worn so badly.

  17. Awesome! The message you sent would have been this video. I literally have spent two day doing exactly the same thing you've done in this video on Oldfast911 instructions! Glad I found you!

  18. no I would turn it some then turn it back going a little more each time it was almost out but my allen key broke and I think it stripped out some also. I will do a vid on it when I get it open maybe if I heat it up some?? and thanks the HD cam works wonders

  19. My Assa just took a back seat to Medeco. I never thought I'd be able to pick one. If nothing else, this was certainly an boost to my confidence – although there were moments when I wanted to pull out my hair and throw the lock at the TV… Assa is next on my list. Hey, your vids look a LOT better in HD. Thank Stephanie again. Also, you ever gut that Stanley? Lotsa bad juju in that lock.

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