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(209) Gerda Titan Lock (NEED HELP) – (Thanks MantukaSNK!)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Hi i am brand new to lock picking in fact i am waiting for my first lock picking kit to arrive at my home, what i want to know is on this video and others of yours i have watched you say " unable to SPP it" what does that mean please. I am so looking forward to taking locking picking up as a hobby.

  2. That center bit with the ball-bearing.. the key doesn't have some sort of pin down in the hole of the key that push's the ball bearing and triggers something?

  3. I think that bump key is going the right way. I did have an idea. though. Re machine a bump key with that notch for tension. Then take a rotary hammer drill on its hammer setting that should give you some way to bump it faster and maybe open it. (My theroy being when you bind on the notch the hammer will activate and start bumping the pins) I'd prolly wanna make that bump out a good grade of steel something that could take that amount of abuse.

  4. Bill I have a random and probably impossible solutions. What if tolerances/design would be generous enough to allow you could create a comb like device. Push all the lower, upper and springs out of the way. Second solution operating under the comb idea, what if pushed each pin was pushed up past the shear line(with a pick) put a brittle glue(superglue) and bypass the pins. Shove everything into the lock body. Should the glue get in the way of it turning, some force will overcome that.
    Third idea which was already suggested would be a bump key attached to a drill(left right) or saw(up down) action. Get some motion and wish for the best 3 times.

    (These suggestions will probably never work, so please don't troll me instead politely tell me I am an idiot)

  5. What if you make a spiral cutout on your "bump key" instead of straight rings? This way spinning it with a drill will probably be effective. Alternatively, just try to shove a corkscrew in there.

  6. Sorry if this was answered, but does the ball bearing in the center shaft move at all? Could it be a detent which the key presses on to allow the core to turn?

  7. Hi Bill, if you're still fighting this lock, I came across a german lockpicking supplier who offers a dedicated Gerda Pick/Decoder:

    They also offer a dedicated Gerda bumpkey:
    The bumpkey is also advertised as an SPK bumpkey.

    The price for the pick/decoder is heavy, but details of the design (and hence, the method of attack) might be discernible in the photographs. The bumpkey on the other side seems moderately priced at some 17€.

    Hope that helps. Stay safe, stay legal and have a nice day!

  8. How about foil impressioning ? With your bump key you made get the strong insulation foil and stick it around your bump key. I know it's tricky not to damage the foil with the pins in the way. So use a made up tool to push all the pins to its max out of the way with your tension tool applied then foil away.

  9. Easier to demonstrate in diagrammatic form but essentially you need fabricate a stack of brass rings with eccentric orbits to the key post, so that each layer of the keys body has rotatable discs containing the dimple holes of varying heights. You can then try bumping it again only with the addition of the free rotating (but lockable) eccentric discs that offer adjustable pin plunge variations. You can lock the stack before each 'bump session' with a threaded ring at the rear of the stack. Hope this helps Bill.

  10. What keeps the driver pins from being pushed out when the lock rotates? and is it possible to do an impression attack? I am a noob so sorry if the answers are obvious.

  11. Not suprised they have good Locks in Poland..i mean thats basicaly the place in the World where they are most needed 😉
    But thats a pretty Hardcore lock…could be from the Side Entrance of a Bank or from a big Gunstores Gun Vault.

  12. Why aren't all lock manufactures switching to this kind of lock? They just keep making these locks that can be picked and bumped. I guess it makes for good puzzles for lock pickers. Guess it goes in to Bill's naughty bucket along with that old Yale railroad lock. That lock is so nice.

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