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(249) ASSA Twin Combi with Passive Sidebar Picked Open & Gutted


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Just for your information those locks are pretty much standard these days on apartments and houses in Sweden combined with a secondary lock of a different type like the ASSA 90001.

  2. Much like the plug from the ASSA 613's I bought. Can't really tell in the video but looks like pin chamber #3 from the front is not counter milled. If so, the 613's are made the same way. wonder if that is a common design. #3 in the ones I have do not have a security pin. just straight. I thought security locks like these always have 1 pin stack that is plain.

  3. I've got the ASSA Twin Combi with pins to the down-left in the lock, so no passive sidebar. Any tips on how to pick it? I know it's out of my league as of my picking skills. But you never know right? :)

  4. Then I don't really see them as threatening…nothing to grab at the walls…oh I see little bit lower then the shear and the edge of the chamber…if you could put like a bearing on the spring end that tip would swivel more then Elvis on a good day. Now that would be a security pin

  5. Not a stupid question at all – I've found several "rebuilt" locks with the pins in backwards. The small end of the Christmas tree touches the key pin. The fat end goes against the spring and keeps it aligned in the chamber.

  6. Stupid question time! Which end of the "Christmas tree spool" touches the keypin? Big right? The small looks like it may hampered by the spring?

  7. Hmm. I've seen something vaguely like this in construction keyed systems, but it doesn't seem to be that,it's not in line with the other holes and there's only one if it…
    I know I've seen it somewhere before but I can't remember where or what it was. I'll comment if it comes into my mind.

  8. Carefull what you wish for. I can't pick the sidebar on my Garant, and it's laughing at me all day long. Maybe I should just send you that cursed thing, so you can loose sleep over it, instead of me… 😉

  9. I'll see if I can get on in trade from someone I know. I have no idea what that little hole was for. There was nothing in it and I can see no reason for it. Bear in mind, this lock has probably changed hands several times so maybe at one time it had something in it?

  10. I think you should have a go with assa dp10. Dp 10 & 11 are the new versions of Twin, and 10 has the usual 6 "normal" pins but only 2 pairs of sidebar finger pins and a sidebar.
    That would still be a decent challenge but a good deal easier than the dp11 with 5 pairs of sidebar finger pins.
    Try getting them in the Nordic countries I haven't seen one here.

    What was the extra smaller hole for, the one you briefly mistook for an anti drill insert at 6:12?

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