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(337) Marks (AKA Skorpion, CX 5) Picked Open & Gutted


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. hi bosnianbill
     read but cannot now find your offer of a lock picking kit for newbies.  just getting started in this new hobby and would very much like a set if still available. unable to fine the post that this item was in, gone bye bye.  email is jkylee2@juno.com and address is joe evans, 1646 sigmon rd nw, roanoke va  24017
    is this considered a private message? how do I find the site for a pm or your email address?
    thanks in advance

  2. Not that it matters to anybody here, but this lock uses Schlage DSD. (Depth and Space Data, the same parameters as Schlage)

  3. Ok Bill, Did I notice that the slider pins also have false spots on them also?
    It looked like they were security slides to me?
    other then that nice work.. 🙂 From Chicago, 🙂

  4. I been locksmithing for 10 years now and in our area we don't get high security locks or cylinders too often…. My question is the sliders interact with the side bar corrrect? If so, is the side bar springloaded and if not how does it "drop" in?

  5. Kyle,
    Great news. The BEST part of your comment is that you found a friendly local locksmith. Make sure you buy the shop an occasional lunch (I bring pizza). They can be your best friend when it comes to collecting your picking collection because they can set aside drilled, snapped and leftover stuff that they normally throw away.

  6. Def hooked. Ordered a pick set to get me started. Also visited a local locksmith and got me a few toys :). Have been a subscriber for a while and you sir put together great videos. Very informative. Keep it up.
    First video I upload is to you. Ill throw in a plug.

  7. GREAT! That means you're hooked! If you enjoy solving puzzles and working with your hands, you'll love your new hobby. Welcome to "LockSport"!

  8. Fantastic Bill, looking at the side bars and how they work reminds me of 5 lever mortice locks as the nipple bolt type notch has to be pushed to engage the line.

  9. Not dumb but a realistic question. No, I could not pick it as fast. My hand has nothing to do with it but comfort and convenience DO. In a door means me on my knees working around a door handle and a jamb – both getting in the way. The angle for picking would not be as good either. Were I to face this lock in the field, picking it would not be my first choice.

  10. forgive me bill if this is a dumb question but do you think you could pick that same lock when it is in its place on the door where you cant place your hands so comfortably where ever you want? cool intro by the way…

  11. Sorry, it DID get a bit long but many people don't know how the lock works & I wanted to explain it. Also, when picking a lock of this caliber you HAVE to gut it so everyone knows you didn't "forget" to put the sidebar or finger pins back in…;)

  12. Whew! I nodded off a couple of times there Bill, Lol You're not to blame, it's my tiny attention span…and I do meen tiny!
    Great video though, explained alot…after seeing the pins come out smoothly…I'm going to start playing with my Medeco? I'm gonna try leaving in the sidebar though…I've been trying to upload a new vid of a lock with 3 finger pins on both sides but it just won't upload I've edited it down to 5 min and it still won't…think I'm gonna have to redo it…
    Peace n Tanks

  13. Yes, I overset the finger pins quite often. All you have to do is push them all the way back down and start again. You do not have to re-pick the first 6-pins.

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