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(338) Southern Steel Prison Lock Raked, Picked Open and Gutted


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. hey, a question:
    what are those ball bearings at the bottom of each pin for?
    also, when you say "for this lock I am gonna use (standard hook / half diamond / etc)" could you explain why you chose that one over the rest?
    thanks :D

  2. since I started watching your videos, I am more and more worried about my front door locks being unsafe hehe. I always thought that 21st century locks were now a lot more sophisticated and picking them would be near impossible…but it shocks me that it's so easy to get in. when are we going to replace this simple pin design to something more complex that the greatest minds in the world can make instead of using these simple mechanisms? is it because it's cheaper to use this design? why don't front door locks be more secure? my life is on the line here…..I lock three doors when I go to bed, my front door, my entrance stair door and my bedroom door…..and I had a look at them, they are all really easy to get in….

  3. I have a bunch of those large Paracentric keys sitting on my desk.
    Plus a pile of the locks too! 
    If you want any info, send me a message, pitty i am in a different country, otherwise i'd be able to show you some more of the SS gear.

  4. Hey… rake picking, completely valid option. If you have a buddy who locked his keys away somehow, and you need to get in, this is the method I go with 9 times out of 10.

  5. I notice you chose to keep the sender secret by calling him "r", but a few mins in you called him out… Raymoundo.

  6. this type lock arent used on cells. typically they use a folger adams key to drop a gate that blocks a door bar port in the air cylinder controls. it trips a mechanism then releases a door.

  7. Hey bill , just wanted to inform you that that is called staking not penning. the intent of staking is not to prevent removal but to keep the screw from backing out under use, kind of like a self locking nut.

  8. like all things Government these places are built by the lowest bidder, and are probably designed to be easily re-keyed in the event that an inmate lifts a key off an officer.

  9. having been in county jail befor…never prison…i wouldnt expect someone to be able to get the tools needed to pick lock…much less walk out past all the cameras and pick multiple locks….people have gotten very good at keeping people in jail/prison over the years….

  10. So much for R to remain anonymous…unless his name isnt Raymundo…kinda let it slip there (understandable since you were so excited you actually got the rake haha)

  11. Nice to know that US prisoners are so securely locked up 😀 You guys have some of the worlds most brutal prisons and prisoners (many come out worse than they go in) and it seems that the prison industry doesn't even care enough to lock them up properly, pretty shocking… Can't imagine that the same could happen here in Finland, especially when talking about murderers and other violent offenders. We do have somewhat tighter regulations in almost every industry and even our home locks are mostly Abloy Protec locks (almost all locks have been upgraded to this in the last 10 years partly because the insurance companies recommend [or demand] it) so we have a bit higher standards on what constitutes a secure and good lock :)

  12. You should sell a base kit that comes with picks and 3 different locks to get people started, or a build your own lock kit so people can mix and match security pins for practice

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