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(467) Titan Electronic Lock Picked Open


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Guys, if you want a modern electronic lock, then it’s either one-time pad, or GTFO.
    microSDs go to 128GB nowadays. There’s no point in using anything other than XOR and a OTP with something that has such a tiny amount of transferred data.

  2. Lol. No (one-time) encryption? This is hacked with a simple replay attack!
    (In essence you record the signal, when the owner uses it, and play it back later.)
    Can be done with a $5 Arduino mini and a $1 transmitter/receiver module.

  3. That lock would be a bit safer if, when powered and someone attempts a pick, a set of sensors could detect and sound an alarm. At least as a deterrent. That or use an RFID chip embedded in the key as a two way authentication? Very interesting videos in any case. :)

  4. The lock should have a lock bar on the core of the mechanical lock actuated by a solenoid or something in the position of always on, turning off only when the lock is left powerless. And the lock should also be connected to mains power and use a rechargeable battery only for backup. Maybe the mechanical backup lock should also be a forever lock style, but not only with dimples and some security pins as well.

  5. I had almost that exact model on a condo I used to own. The inside unit with the batteries was identical but on mine the outside unit was not quite that big. It was just as big as the round lock portion. However, it didn't have that extra "oval" shaped part. That way it looked a lot more like a conventional deadbolt lock. Except that it had a small ZLED on the very top of lock which you wouldn't notice casually walking by it. The only thing I was worried about was that at some point it wouldn't actually lock when it was supposed to. It had an automatic lock feature which I liked where if it was set to "on" it would RELOCK about 30 seconds after you unlocked it. So, if you came home and hit the unlock button it would unlock. You'd got in, shut the door and walk away and it would automatically relock itself so you didn't have to bother pushing the lock button. Then, when you went to leave you could unlock it, go out, shut the door and walk away and it would relock. 30 seconds later. I ALWAYS waited until I heard the solenoid run (it was sort of loud) which meant it was locking the deadbolt. If I remember right if you pushed lock and it wasn't able to lock properly (was jammed or something was blocking the locking bolt, it would beep a few times to let you know. It also had colored LED on the inside so you could look at the lock from across the room and be able to tell if it was locked or not. I never had any issues with it.

  6. Oh bosnian bill if you want to know how to bypass the electronic part i'll tell you. You can't retrieve the fob key code after it's been set, but you sure as hell can intercept it. You can do it one of two ways, you can either get a doorbell(yes you read that correctly) from like home depot or something. What happens is, a door bell button sends sends a frequency that causes the bell it self which causes it to ring all the way across your house. Essentially if you let's say have a doorbell and you press the button the same time the person presses the fob it'll sort of intercept it and kinda stop the lock from locking. This also works for cars, i learned that from an auto entry dvd. OR you can go the more expensive and debatable route, and go to certain hacker sites, where they will essentially sell you a fob intercepter, that won't just stop the code from going through, but it'll catch the code so that you can use it at a later time essentially

  7. Is it possible to replace the cylinder on one of these types of locks with a higher security one? Like say a Medeco. Then you would have the best of both worlds, security and ease of access/convenience with the electronics and fob. Can this be done?

  8. Are kryptonite locks easy to pick? I want a really good lock for my cbr1000rr for when I park it at work, I work graveyards right now so im scared someone might jump the wall and take it since our security guards never really watch the cameras lol

  9. best electronic lock that could possibly be made, it's like a regular key tumbler lock in the sense you put a key in the keyhole, but when you put it in, you press a button in the back that activates, lets say 5 lasers, that correspond to the 5 pin bitting on the key. In this you are using the reflection of the lasers to determine distance, and if the lasers each pick up the correct distance, then it releases the lock letting you turn the key. Pro's to this lock, it won't waste power unless the button in the back is pressed by the key, if it does run out of power for any reason that the picker may try, the lock simply just won't open, this could be attached to the house's power somehow so that it would never run out of power in theory. Also the lock should be completely un-pickable as it would take a tension wrench to turn it, something to depress the button in back, and somehow you would have to manipulate all 5 lasers correctly at the same time without having any feeling whatsoever of how depressed anything is as there is nothing to feel. Con's? well, eventually someone, somehow, would find a way to pick it, but in theory, i have no clue how in the hell you would manage this.

  10. electronic locsk are actually very easy to bypass, i can do it with an arduino, and the right code, and just a few simple parts, to simulate the right RF frequency. it will run through ALL combinations in about a minute, so it might be faster than picking it, and less suspicious as well(not that im doing it, i just tried it with a different brand one we had on our basement for some odd reason) and locking it, is the same frequency, so its just another minute or so, and bam, no one can tell i have been there, and it takes about 2-3 minutes at most to get in and lock it again.

    the part i like the most, is all the people saying it takes so long to do it, but once you know how, it is super easy, and takes no time at all, hell i even made a pocket version, using a tiny arduino based thingy, i bought for just a few cents, and the same parts, all fits in my pocket and works at a range of about 5-15 meters.

    and before you all ask, no i will not show you what i use, or give my code out, since it could be used for malicious purposes. but im keeping it as is for myself, since we dont have the fob to unlock it, and the key was lost(power is not an issue, as it has a power supply in a wall socket) so i cna get in, mihgt make a nice enclosure for it as well, just for lols.

  11. I left at 0:35 because that sentence is comical… You know what'll keep you safe? Not a lock. Not a weapon. Not a damn thing.

    if anyone thinks that they are safe all you need to do is put yourself in the crosshairs of someone with half a mind to hurt you and you'll find out just how safe you are…

    Before I picked a lock like this I'd just open it with the radio command it accepts.. the same one it's manufacturer designed it to accept…

  12. I realize this is not a simple question that I'm going to ask but can make some suggestions. Maybe I'll direct message you if you prefer. Can you recommend some locks for your home. Are there any reasonable cost locks that can at least slow someone trying to pick in. I know a criminal will usually break a window or something else but maybe a cat(quiet burglar) might try to pick. Is it a funky cross cut key medco style, a dimple key style or a schlage generic lock. Any info is appreciated. What do you use? I know when your home you depend on other devices that can be intimidating. But when your not home maybe just a simple security system. What do you do at home.

  13. A couple people have pointed out a few ways to bypass the electronic part, but you frequently can take automatic programmable garage door opener and intercept the signal from the keyfob.

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