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(525) EJLOCKPIX’s Challenge Master 5835 Picked & Gutted


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. your right bill ! .. sometime i change the core to a more difficult with 6 pins in my 6835 master padlock for practice :)… its  little,lightweight and easy to hold in hand when picking :D

  2. Hey Bill, just a quick question… In your videos you seem to use petersons with "plastic" handles? … When I ordered my set (the 14-5 set) from their website yesterday I saw (2) sets of the 14-5… that differed in price ($125) and ($165) … The cheaper set was (EURO) I believe … so I ended up buying the more expensive set as I am in America.. (the set I ordered are supposedly "rubber" handles? 
    The cheaper set was "plastic"…
    I am just wondering If I made the right choice/ bought the right set… Now looking back I guess I should have asked first, however I did not want to bother you once again!…

    Considering I live in America, I figured the EURO set wouldn't be as benifietcial as the "normal" set… as you have said the slimmer picks are more fragile… But was I right in this instance? Was that set made for europe and did I end up ordering the right set..? Once again I apogoize about bothering you, however their website dosn't give great descriptions on their products… or clear enough for a newbie to really understand fully… but at $40 more I really should have asked before I placed my order haha… Now I hope I made the right choice! — just incase I lost you anywhere I ended up ordering the more expensive set ($165) as I thought the other set ($125 set) was made for europeans… was I right in doing so?… 

    Please keep up the great videos man, I constantly find myself watching your videos, you have so much good content out I have yet to find a channel anywhere near the quality of yours!

  3. A small warning for folks looking to purchase one of these locks:
    I ordered a Master 6835 from Amazon.com and received what appears to be their version of an American Lock with an aluminum body.  It doesn't say "Pro Series" on it, and the model number is on the back (like an American Lock). 
    It does have a removable 6-pin core, of which 5 are populated.  Unfortunately, I don't think any of the pins are security pins.

  4. Absolutely love watching your videos late at night. Even though I'll probably never get into lockpicking myself, just watching and listening to your videos is like going into a zen-state. Very relaxing, while still being entertaining.

  5. Awesome job Bill! Just so you know I tried putting the wafers inside but the lock wouldn't operate smoothly so I let it go. I also used the American pin kit to pin it up with some wacky bitting so those pins are not stock. Of course its Master they used regular pins on the bottom and one standard with 4 spools.

  6. Ha gave it a look up on ebay, from the US the equivalent of £4.78 ($8, but obviously with the importing hassles/ridiculous postage) … from uk sellers £27.49 … seems to happen with most of the non-abus ones I see you guys pick (aside from lockout ones weirdly) … nice to see something slow you down, even if only a little though

  7. Wow ! Awesome job again Bill !! I guess Masterlock is attempting to move up in the world and/or stump Bosnian Bill which didnt happen !! Great job ! Also, are those weapons at the end of the video, long arms AR's or AK's ?? U.S. arms ??

  8. Here's a challenge. Pick through as many padlocks as you can in a 5 or 10 minute time frame going from really easy locks to more difficult and post the results.  

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