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(591) Weird Locks from Bill Croft!


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. please send me that fork lock i have problems with people getting in my stuff all i have is a upper end master lol if you can help le me know

  2. LOB or SOB? Very clever strategy to make at least one pin set already aligned with the shear line. No picking required – but no disturbance tolerated – especially being the first!

  3. Nice locks bill I'm sort off new to lock picking only been doing it for a few months and I have got the cut away locks but do you know any good pad locks to practice on like Yale or similar 

  4. The key on the first one is the same (or similar) type like in the older BMW cars. I have BMW e39 and the key also has these asymmetric slides (the key itself is symmetrical on both sides, only the slides on single side are not like in the video).

  5. The "three bomb lock" is call atom lock. http://www.atomlock.com

    They have 3 types of keyway which the manufacturer call 3 generations. The one you are having is the 2nd generation. Some of their lock have another function called "racing cylinder" which the keyway will spin freely unless the correct key is insert. It suppose to prevent drilling and someone inserting a hard object trying to break the pins by twisting it hard. Below is a video on how the 3rd generation keyway work. It quite similar to the 2nd generation you are having except the pins direction.


  6. I just starting picking locks and was wondering about those training locks they offer at sparrow. I've seen the ones that are clear plastic and the locks that look milled so you can only see one side and was wondering if one was better than the other, or if there was a better way to "train."

  7. On the fort lock I have to wonder if a person could not modify one of those inexpensive tubular picks by removing the #1 pick from it and brazing a lip on one or both sides with a jewelry torch of a short section of metal in the middle of the pick where it could capture that ball bearing and tension against it but still be moved in and out some to allow picking of the pin. It's an idea… Not sure of the clearances in that keyway I'm sure they are tight…I'm just thinking of turning that middle section of the pick into a "C" channel to capture the bearing against the roof of the keyway. 

  8. Hi Bill, nice cool lock, thanks,
    about a first lock on Your vid,
    its product form Atomlock chinese company
    i have one another with dimple keys
    specialty is there are sidebar constructed like GM car locks that is the reason You can`t feel any feedback, sidebar works different from usualy locks, it`s pushed by spring to gates on wafers and tensioning is not work while picking because it freeze locking bar in locked position…   😉

    and about their logo, there are not three bombs, there are pictograms of pins (for dimple key)with groove for sidebar its symbolise their lockconstruction

  9. Nice padlocks B. This "LOB" padlock is good but you will can picked them. I have video about this padlock, and I can pick them, no problem!


  10. Amazing locks jst wondering if you get timewill you be able to do a tutorial on picking assa locks is it like picking the biltemma wat norseman sent you 3hrs no luck fustrated 

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