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(628) Rallock67’s “Wicked Evil” Challenge Lock


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Bill i have created something i believe is truly unique .i personally i have never seen anything like it. Im working on a lock for you .i expect it to be pretty challenging especially from such a cheap lock .can you message me an address tovmail it to?

  2. Came across a cool lock the other day. An old Yale pancake push key. Can't find a video on how push keys work much less how to pick it. Thought maybe you'd might have one or maybe do one.

  3. Hey Bill.
    Im wondering if there are any differences in the pin width between euro, american, oval or other pin tumbler locks, or if the pins are interchangeable between them?

  4. what are your tips and tricks for dealing with serrated pins. most of the security pined locks i come across are filled with spools which give a deep false set and with time and adjusting tension can be set. where as with serrated pins i struggle to get recognisable false sets or even realise that they are there. any advice on this would be great       

  5. Glad you got the opening on cam finally. I honestly forgot what I put in that lock.
    We both got locks open we've been trying, I opened a Sargent last night finally that I wrote you about. Hopefully I can get a cam soon and get some videos made

  6. I bought a dozen of that type Schlage lock on E-Bay and they are a tough pick with out security pins.. I don't doubt that lock was a "Wicked Evil" challenge  

  7. Bill, could you give advice on how to work on a lock to Create a challenge lock, i got one cheapo lock here i want to change into a challenge lock for you :P

  8. Great video Bill.  That looked like a really tough lock.  The customized key pins along with the threading of the plug probably is what was giving you such a hard time.  I'm guessing.  Great picking!

  9. will it help to sray some oil inside the barrel before pick locking it? I think like this most of the cirrated and notched pins wouldn't get stuck so often.

  10. Better be careful with that title card at the end. YouTube likes to get 10 kinds of upset when bewbs are shown on channels not marked for mature audiences, even videogame ones have earned channels a royal pain in the past.

  11. This is probably a silly question but is it common for the people setting up these challenge locks to think about which pins are likely to bind first when deciding where to put spools, where to put serrated pins, etc? I hadn't considered that until now…

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