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(637) Bumping the “Forever Lock” (FAIL)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. i opened this video because i knew without a doubt that i will find lots of comments about the successful foil attack and that some of them will be really mean. i like it when i expect something and find it to be true although i don't think any negativity is warranted or polite.

  2. I am not sure if this had been asked already or if it will even work or if you have tried to do this but I noticed that in the video you said that after hitting it many times with the hammer that it would not work because a bump key needs to be slid into the lock to work so why not pull out the key container and while turning the latch slam the key into the lock, would that do anything?

  3. Bosnianbill ….. When you was very rapidly tapping on the end of this lock…an idea popped into my head….. What if you apply the torque when having the lock under a vibration…a strong vibration. Could something like that work with this or any other lock?

  4. I was shown by a 10 year old kid how to defeat these locks in about 20 seconds. The lock has a weakness like all the other locks of this type (all locks have a weak point)

  5. +UsirRaMaroon  I'm not sure what your point is but from the inflammatory wording of your comment it looks like you are trying to organize a riot.  Before you lead the hordes to burn down my house, consider this:

    1.  Deviant Ollam successfully foil impressioned this lock.  He is the world renowned expert on impressioning attacks and has written two books on the subject, so if anyone could do it, it was he.

    2.  No, I did not re-attack this lock with a foil impression attack.  Deviant does not need me to certify the validity of his work.  Besides, I gave this lock to Wayne Winton to test shortly after the video.

    3.  Foil attacks on this lock is risky, at best.  It is very common in foil attacks for the foil to come off the key and remain in the keyway.  In most locks, you just dig it out with a needle.  In the Forever lock, that is not possible since you cannot access the keyway.  If that happens, you permanently ruin the lock.  BTW: It is expensive ($150).

    4.  So, here's the deal.  If re-doing Deviant's work it that important to you, send me another Forvever lock and I will try a foil impression attack.  PM me if interested and I'll send you my mailing address.

    5.  Until that happens, yes, I will continue to make videos.  Deal with it.


  6. Still no update on this lock by Bosnianbill.  Several people mention DeviantOllam's foil impression video, and Bosnianbill replies to multiple newer posts, yet never acknowledges the foil attack…and has gone onto making 28 more videos.

  7. Not sure if he did  this or not but if a person machined a small about off certain surfaces of the bump key so
    it had room to move and drilled reliefs in strategic points where springs could be inserted.   This lock should
    be bumpable. 

  8. Hi I saw a video of some chap using foil with a key to impression the lock and it worked, not sure if it real you might want to take a look. 

  9. evva3ks bumping video to me, doesn't prove that he bumped it. When he actually bumps them, he doesn't show the key before he starts bumping, and also doesn't show that he is unable to simply twist it open. It may not be the case, but it doesn't have me convinced.

  10. Would take you forever to manufacture a Bump key, However, If your in a hurry….try a Krenn Bolt cropper…. or a cordless diamond grinder….

  11. this is a pretty good lock from the looks where can i get one no common thief is gunna make a bump key for something like that adn the people who would spend the time making a bump key probably arent after you bike or garage anything theyd be stealing would be behind much more security than that love the lock but i cant find it on amazon or ebay would very much like to get one

  12. Did you try inserting a little piece of rubber in between the slide so you cant fully push the key forward then bump it? like a tapered piece of rubber i'm just curious if you have tried it or not. may cause the key not to fully insert in the lock then you would have your space and the rubber would compress and press back allowing you to bump the lock.

  13. mercurial, if  Oliver Diederichsen made the video, I would believe it to be without reproach, because of his reputation.  How do you know he made it, and why does he not claim it?  I am not doubting your word, I just am curious.

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