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(646) “Mercy” Lock from Vitaly M


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Hi Bill.
    I just bought the same Elite lock from the same batch but another serial number and it's realy tricky even without tampering with it.
    I looked at every key in the box an took the one with the hardest bitting when i bought it. 🙂
    I was thinking of put that lock in my door when i saw that you got one.
    So hurry up with picking and gutting so i can see what anti picking unicorns i shall sprinkle in it before i do it.
    It is a realy cheap lock but it have an insurance class 3 here in Sweden. 
    Basicly the same as an standard ASSA in the middle of the Ruko/ASSA pyramid that is also class 3
    It's only cost about $37 and the equivalent ASSA cost at least 4 times more.
    Good value for the money when you live in a house with windows and a backdoor of glass at ground floor.

    Greetings from Sweden
    Live long and prosper

  2. That Master Lock is an interesting design. It is actually designed so you can lock it in a long and short shackle mode. It seems designed for lockers and light use.

    It does use ball bearings, but only one set.

  3. Hey bill, been loving your videos. Recently I've started picking(got locked out of house for a couple days). Apparently my door's lock can be raked in >5 seconds which has been somewhat disappointing(glad my picks can get me in my house, but it wasn't anywhere near the difficulty I was expecting and hoping for). I'm using the credit card set from https://www.selfdefenseproducts.com/Credit-Card-Pick-Set-p-16157.html as my starter set and I was wondering if you happened to have some novice challenge/trainer locks you'd be willing to spare/share?

  4. On the "mercy lock," might the two shackle cutouts be for two different closing positions (rather than two sets of locking balls)? 

  5. Hahah I am glad you like the Master 🙂 I just picked a few things at random just before leaving work. Hopefully the one that arrived today is a bit more interesting. 

  6. Nice video Bill.  I've been busy at work for a couple of months and it's all over as of last week, so now I'll get back to picking.  I think I need a confidence builder too. LOL

  7. Bill…how does one go about getting some of your beginner give aways …I am just starting…look for advice on a minimal starter kit…thanks for your videos

  8. Bill,
          When a lock is picked, or attempted to be picked, I'm sure it becomes harder to pick.
    It does with Lockwoods anyway! When a key is inserted & removed there is very little sideways pressure on the plug. When a lock is constantly picked, the pin holes in the plug become slightly funnelled ( only by a bee's dick ) and the tiny ledge the driver pins have to set on ( sit on ) is no longer there, requiring extra nudging by the pick, for these pins to finally set. This effect is far less obvious in locks with sloppy tolerances.

    Maybe it's my imagination, but I've seen it happen too many times ……

    Regards, Brian.

  9. I have an Evva eps modular euro cylinder that's really starting to mush my brain, anyone got any tips???

    Also bill would you be able to show us how to make one of those cut away practice locks?

    Every time I try I end up ruining the lock!


  10. God bless Bill, and may you strike the Evilness from those locks to get them open…. Bit of Holly water first instead of WD-40 may work buddy ;o))))

  11. Must be something in the air bill.jeff sent me a lock with stock driver pins and a month and a half later its been picked once but not on camera.tough little sargent.
    But some lesser evil locks later and my mojo is coming back.

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