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(659) General Padlock Thanks Deolslyfox!


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Removing most american/master plugs, you rotate the plug 90 degrees cw or ccw to remove the plug. the housing will have a flat spot on it looking closely and it lines up with the bottom plugs keyway if no c-clip is present. nice video.

  2. Hi Bill. Been watching your vids to try and learn this hobby. Been at it about a month just having fun. Definitely challenging! Got one of these locks to try some spool pins, but the resistance to turning the core is super strong on my lock. No luck at all. What is a good beginners lock with some spool pins to try? The plastic Master lock-out locks?

  3. Awesome Video Bill. I wonder if there's a Retaining Pin in the Bible/Book Like Brass Padlocks have and the Core Is Milled Out so it can only turn and not fall out instead of a Retaining Clip? See what you think Bill. N.

  4. Great vid as always! Anyone know where to get some good practice locks in Australia? Or anyone want to trade for an abloy 330 without the key? 

  5. with holes in the bottom i'd guess they fed the pins up in after they placed the rest of the lock together, have you tried turning it with the key to dump the pins out through the bottom holes? perhaps there is a small lip machined around the inside and the pins prevent the cylinder from being pushed out.

  6. I have a US General shielded padlock, which takes an American core; I did have to shave some off of the retaining plate to get the cylinder to fit, though.

  7. 1- pin in #6 position retains core
    2- it will bypass, but I needed to tap the back of my bypass tool with a hammer to get it into position… Also, spring tension is more than 700
    3- disassembly is a beast with the milled out core… Use the key
    4- you are right that there are spools, but they are the worst spools I have ever seen in my life… Looks like a beaver gnawed out the middle of a standard driver

    As always, keep up the great videos coming! 

  8. +twenglish1 I have one that is almost identical, but under a different name.  "NATIONAL" engraved in the exact same font on the front.  Bought it at Princess Auto, which is the Canadian version of Harbour Freight.  It has the same 6th pin core retainer system that you describe.  The pin just runs in a track on the core and permits ~100 degrees of turn.  Clued in when I couldn't turn the core the other direction.  The driver pins look like gold painted mouse poop and are obviously ferrous, as they stick to my magnetic screw driver.  Dropped an american core in and it actually worked!!  Had to shim around the bible a bit though, otherwise the core flops around slightly.  

  9. Well, I've watched all 659 videos and I've gone from knowing nothing about locks to being able to SPP some serrated and spools. And I've even started to make my own picks and wrenches.

    Can't thank you enough for all the work you put into the videos!

  10. Agree with twenglish1, there's a steel anti drill style pin on 6, pop it from the rear of the keyway and it'll pop right apart. I have two off these, great locks, HORRIBLE pins, hard to pick simply because of how crazy the pins are. Inside mine are what look like double headed mushrooms. Amazing deal for a $7 Chinese lock, and can be re-cored!!!

  11. I tore apart the same lock after I picked it open and I found that the core was held to together by a spring loader steel pin all the way in the back, if I remember correctly I had to put the key in without turning the plug and push this steel pin down by accessing it through the back end of the core and pulling the plug straight out, and if I remember correctly I had a hard time with it and ended up damaging all the springs due to the milling on the plug, also found that my core contained driver pins that resembled "melted" globs of metal that were sorta shaped like spools

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