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(679) Evil from Down Under


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Hi Bill. Do you have a couple of spares you could send out? Just starting out and enjoying your videos. You mention you have a spares bucket? Thanks in advance

  2. Watched this from my phone yesterday (I cant do comments from it) and all I can say is "DANG!!! that sure be some EVIL if the great Bill throws in the towel"  🙂 Keep up the great videos Bill .

  3. Bill,
         The plugs look like old Lockwood " restricted " plugs. The key blanks used are a standard Lockwood 6 pin, from a popular hardware chain, heavily filed to enter the keyway, and I'm betting the deep cuts have pins sitting level with the shearline, with the key removed.
    Regards, Brian.

  4. Those keys look like they're impressioned, perhaps some locksmith's idea of a joke or trying to bring in bump resistance by using extra deep pins, most people don't realise there are depths beyond the traditional 9 on a lockwood or yale, it's just difficult to get a hold of the pins and they make the key really weak.

  5. First off, do the keys work?? It appears these are out of the tolerances of the cylinders
    and that could make them unpickable. It really makes no sense working outside the tolerances when you can make very good challenge locks within the tolerances.
    Just look at the EVIL locks I did. And wait until you see the Frightful Faultless and Devious Defiants  I'm working on

  6. Bill wow unpickable. I bet some gun powder and lead might help you out. I respect you so much more for admitting defeat. It is definitely hard to do. Did you get my pm about some abus and Lockwood locks from down under Aussie I want to send you. Keep on picking.

  7. from stiglocks..r bill give them to ither norsman lock picker or caveman 66 let them have a go cant you do a video of u triying to pick them any way even if u don't open them to give people an idea of even just triying 2 pick them thanks bill stiglocks..r

  8. Ha! First video of yours that I watch and it's one where you can't open your locks. It's fine, though. Those locks were tampered with, yeah? 

  9. love your intros man if someone does them for you i reckon you should give credit in the description! and if you do them, well you're quite talented then.

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