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(686) Sam’s Lockwood Dissected


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. This is interesting. That looks almost identical to a cheap (£4.99) 40mm lock I have here from Wilko, a UK store. Same riveted construction, with the plastic shroud around the bottom, and that same awkward keyway. I'd had a devil of a job picking this, largely because of that horrible keyway, but then I discovered that using a snake, I can can rake it from front to back once, then manually pop one pin, and she's open!

  2. i watch most of your videos and i would love to try to pick locks but i can't buy stuff online and i don't think theres any shop near me that sells lockpicks so i can't try for myself : /

  3. hey bosnianbill i am a new lock picker i was wondering if i could get a beginner lock from you i have some Peterson pix and i love them ut i only have 3 master locks that i can get in to in under  30 sec i can pay for what ever you want. send any thing you can do will be much help sincerely Quinton Ikard

  4. is it possible to pick a lock thats been installed upside down? I found it impossible (my brother got locked out of his room) ,but I could pick the other doors in the house just fine. He ended up just drilling through it ,though. I know it's because the pins fall back into the shear line ,but was wondering if theres a solution to that?

  5. Hey Bill in an attempt to enter into the wonderful world of lock picking and smithing I purchased a thirty dollar ace hardware American clone. It is a five pin lock in a six pin core. When I pick it I can get it into a false set and then loose all feedback and end up  over setting a pin even on very light tension. Do you have any words of wisdom to impart? Thank you for you time.

  6. Awesome Video Bill. I have a Discus LockWood & It's A Fantastic Pick & I'm pretty sure it's Pinned up the same way as the one you've just Gutted so thanks for the Fantastic Video. Keep up the great work. Nick.

  7. Any chance that's a branded Abus model 45? If memory serves, it's pretty much identical in all respects, including pinning. 

  8. Mister bill, I've watched all your videos and I've been picking for a few months now. I have a good feel for spools and I'm coming along on serrated. What are the advantages over top of the key way opposed to bottom? I got the sparrows monstrum set and the pry bars it comes with hasn't really fit any of the locks I've picked. Do you think I should invest in other pry bars and if so what maker? 

  9. Even low secure Lockwood padlocks are difficult to pick, never mind the residential cylinders & rim locks = 6pin ????
    Nothing to a man of your talents tho ????

  10. congrats on closing in on 100k subs. I'd love to schedule a chat with you to speak on branding opps. Contact me — chao(.)outside(AT)gmail(.)com

  11. I came across one of these laminated locks that I just had to see what it held one time. I cut the rivets out with a die grinder inspected the guts put some slightly more evil pins in it, with a radically fitted key of course, put it all back together and "re-sealed it" by welding all the way around the bottom plate with a mig welder… Then I just had to stencil frankenlock on it. Lol

  12. Bugger me.  I found one of these at a yardsale without a key, and thinking it was just a Masterlock offered to pick it(even saying, "I don't need no stinkin' key") with the cheap concealed picks in my pocket(and they'd let me take it).  5 very embarrassing minutes later, I had a very deep false set and had to buy the thing for a few dollars and take it to my real kit at home.  Still gives me some trouble, but I can get it open.

    A lesson in hubris. At least now I know there was something special inside.

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