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(705) Andy’s Challenge Yale Picked & Gutted


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Bill, quite glad it takes an expert a good few minutes to get into one of these because I have got one on the front door of my house. I also got myself some picking tools on the back of your videos as it looks like an interesting hobby. Not easy picking a lock is it!!!!!

  2. from stiglocks..r to bill I thought ide just to let u know it just so happens that at the moment I am acktually have in the last year have really got in to these exactually locks yale 6 pinn only the ones I am into are the same butt the two I have bought have the kite marks on them but the new ones even have one star on the front of the lock as well as the kite mark any way I still think they are the same type of lock any way I went to my home depo store in England were I live called b and q every body in England knows it u would love it bill it is gigantic and they have a giant isle just of locks and every thing to do whith locks I don't know if you know bill wd40 have started making a new type of lock oil called 3 in one lock lubricant  it sais on it that 3 in one does 1 penetrates and frees locks 2 guards against rust and corrosion 3 lubricates and protects any way I don't know if it is America yet butt it is just as good for locks as wd40 butt I have used it 4 a will and is very good seeing how it is made by wd40 any way I went to my home depo store and bought one of these locks butt chose out of about 30 locks the same bought one whith a very hard bitting took it home and spent about half an hour every couple of days and picking it in a vice after a couple of weeks and a lott of bent picks in the end whith such a hard bitting high lo high lo and even worse I manege to pick it I was very exited so I went back to the same store and even bought a new same lock butt a brass one this time whith even better low high low high xetra any way I thought I would never pick this lock butt after a bitt I done it again maybe I had got a lott of xperence of picking the other yale 6 pinn lock butt I don't know butt even whith the first lock to learn it easier I done it like your two weeks whith a medico lock I got the idea from that and just picked the first lock pin by pinn but even that was hard and just thought ide tel u bill I know u thought it was a challenge lock that's y it has assa spools in the lock butt the first lock I gutted yale 6 pinn 1 star had in it 2 stainless steel anti drill pins in front of lock 1 and 1 in back of lock the othere pins looked just like the assa spool pins u said they were any way if it had been changed into a challenge lock then any thing goes if u know what I mean thanks bill stig

  3. Hope you try and pick that Cisa I have just fitted them on my doors if you snap them the are armoured so you can't put in a screwdriver and open that way, also the ones I bought have a clutch that means if the key is left in the back you can still get in

  4. I highly doubt that SKS the lock maker is the same as the rifle maker, because SKS is a model of rifle and not a manufacturer.
    It's like when a lock has "AR15" or "1911" on there. You'd not assume that the lock was made by Colt or whatever.

    Or was it a joke that I'm missing? :)

  5. Bill great video as usual. I really appreciate the time you put into informing "us" what your feeling inside the lock. Again brother, I've got two different model locks that I keyed alike I'd like to get to you…. I know you'd have fun with and might cuss me a little too, and no l didn't put any screws in them….lol

  6. You make me so nervous when you have to really pry things apart 🙁 I feel like you're going to do exactly as you stated – gouge your hand

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