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(707) Thomas’ Mystery LOB Cylinder


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Curiosity makes me wonder if this is a lock for not so much a prison but more so a mental institution as they as so common to have locks on both sides. Or a government building to where there are slots that keys can be handed to people through a slot so the keys are only out long enough for use and then that is it. Well just a thought any way

  2. I could see it being useful in some kind of high-security laboratory with volatile chemicals where you need to have everybody access a central location to get supplies, but also need to only be able to access their private headquarters to do classified research where you don't want other employees having access..
    The long key would be used for getting into each person's private headquarters and the short key would be used for getting out into the main area to get supplies.
    Each person would have a uniquely keyed long key to access their private laboratory, so they could not access someone else's, but everybody would have an identical short key to access the main area, should they need to enter the building or leave any room they went into with persmission, provided someone with their unique long key let them in.
    The short key side would also be uniquely pinned in other laboratories with the same setup to prevent someone from gaining access to another warehouse with a similar set of private laboratories they did not have access to.

    Well that's my my hypothesis, I hope my explanation is clear enough to understand.

  3. We need to remember, this lock is based in the European Countries, or maybe places in the Middle East. The lock hardware used with a cylinder like this, is probably much superior to what's available here in the States by comparison. I think the idea is, we'll make a lock so ridiculous, load that bitch up with pins, and see people pick it…. If you think about, job accomplished, not a pick made to reach the other end. Even if they're was, a pick, a person wouldn't have room to move, and the tension wrench would need to be as long…… Bill, just imagine rekeying the thing, I've rekeyed those double profile cylinders before, they suck!!! The suggested door: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnslSas5ZOQ
    Drill resistance, well, that's extremely high, too!!!

  4. Only thing I can think of is a door where you want it always locked but one side needs to be more secure? We had a door to a server room like that… from the outside you needed two keys to open it (both were spring loaded one was a lock the other was the handle latch) from the inside you just needed to turn the lock and the door handle opened it.
    similar idea maybe?

  5. Maan, I've been waiting for you to pick such lock. I have similar one at my apartment. The small key from the inner side always stays inside. I don't see what's so weird about it. It's pretty clever actually.

  6. Perhaps some type of vault that has to be shut after someone enters?

    Long key on the outside of the door? short inside so you can exit?

    Just a thought. I want one of those. Any ideas where i would get one?

  7. hey. Great videos! I have a very old "No key" pad lock. I do not have the combination and have exhausted myself trying to open it. I would love to see if you can. if you want to e-mail me I will send you the lock or a picture. aljordan365@gmail.com

  8. What's a good lock pick set to purchase? Southord, sparrows, Peterson? I saw the sparrows special forces kit. Is that a good kit?

  9. Well Bill, Maybe it's just your friendly neighbourhood paranoid fellow? In your case I can imagine 😉

    PS: i guess the dislike comes from Thomas himself lol :D

  10. I have these blanks hanging in the shop. never sold any, so I just cut my house key on the end of one to have a weird key xD

  11. Hey Bill. I have been watching your channel for sometime and I had my first pick set delivered today, picked my first padlock and now started on every lock I could get my hands on. Thanks for the new hobby. regards Bill.

  12. its better security no pic is going to be able to reach the other side so basically you can't open it without that master key on the outside but on the inside you can open it with that one so that you can easily get out of the building.

  13. Here's an option as well…

    Secure entry, free exit…

    The long key on the outside.

    Store manager or owner has the long key. They can unlock the door from the outside.
    Employees that close the store have the short keys. They can unlock or lock the door from the INSIDE only. When closing the store, they can lock it, but once the door is shut, they cannot get back in.

  14. It would be useful in a jail or in an extremely secure building like a bank or government facility. You'd need a guard on both sides with a key to get anyone past.

  15. Makes perfect sense! If you don't have the long key, you are not getting in the door. A 'normal' person picking it would 'probably' have no clue what is going on. They would just think the lock was broke or something and move on to the neighbor's house.

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