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(717) Redeye’s American 5200 PLUS+++


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Hey Mr Bill. I just bought an American lock 5101ka from a local loack smith. paid about $32 Canadian. It says only a 5 pin core on the website BUT when I pulled the core it has 6 slots. Is one an antibump? I dont know if thats a thing or not, I'm new to all of this. Thanks.

  2. that looks like a master pro series cylinder and actuator for the ball bearings. the spring wasn't home made but it was out of place. all mixed up in an American lock. you've got a mix and match padlock that goes good with all the mods. good picking.

  3. something about the way you produce your videos just makes them relaxing to watch. for some reason even as boring as lock picking is you make it fun and entertaning lol

  4. got lost on random videos and saw something i need in my life, what is the name of that cobalt blue screwdriver, it looks well made and has an interesting design. i need to replace some of my tools.

  5. it would appear that since Master Lock took over the company they made some modifications to the pins inside the cylinder. Some of the bottom pins did have serrations on them the longer ones anyway and the top pins were dumbbell shaped. I don't recall the plugs having burrs on the pin holes, the American cylinders were made to exacting standards. The spring loaded retainer assembly looks broken, in the the spring should have been completed contained and not protruding as shown in the video.

  6. Couldn't almost all of these locks just be cut open with portable hydraulic bolt cutters anyways? I've seen the toughest metal being cut with ease with those, and they don't cost much overall. And they are actually much smaller than manual hand bolt cutters as well.

  7. Hi Bill, I'm a new subscriber. After marathon watching your videos for the past few weeks, I've made myself picks, tension wrenches, follower tools, shims, etc. I've picked every lock on my house, and bought bags of door-handle and deadbolt packs from goodwill. Thank you for the information and I really enjoy hearing your thought process while you pick locks. I'm about to take the plunge and hang a shingle looking for work. My state allows that without certification or association membership. So you've started me on a hobby that's turning into a career. Thank you.

  8. Just want to say thanks for your videos I never knew this hobby could be so much fun iv been watchin as many of your videos as I can . And picked my first lock today 1st time took an hour now this lock is easy to do I get it every few mins , and that's with paper clip tools I made haha . Really looking forwards to weekend when ill go and buy some real tools

  9. hiya, I have been learning to pick for about six months now and have managed to get into most things, however I have found a brand that makes evil locks as standard called tri circle. It's a Chinese manufacturer but seems to have high strength springs in the mechanism meaning picking is a nightmare and false set is hard to achieve. Thought you may appreciate the suggestion.

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