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(726) Texas Jim’s Thanksgiving Challenge


LockLab is Fan funded!  Help pay for stuff to review, break and talk trash about, and maybe even give away when we’re done.  Join the Tribe!

My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Really like your videos. Along with others in the community. I'm interested in trying out a challenge lock. Still a beginner and only about 1 month into but have dabbled in the past. I have depleted the local Walmart, home depot, my house, the inlaws and ect..by buying one and returning for another. I've put my own together with other lock parts but it doesn't cut it because I know where what is….ya know! Help!! S.O.S.!! It would be nice to have something to feed the addiction that lasted more than a hour. I'm also new to communicating through youtube.. thanks guys!

  2. Please get a better camera!! Your videos could be so much better if you had a camera that could focus on macro! Love them anyway though

  3. I purchased a Schlage cutaway lock I'm learning a lot like my problem is the tension I been using from my southford picks. After all my pins are clear even with heavy tension it won't turn the chamber. I guess I haven't been positioning it correctly

  4. I'm new here on your channel but I can say you have opened my eyes for lockpicking and locks in general. I can't stop watching your videos really. Keep up the good work man!
    PS. What lockpick set would you recommend me to get as a beginner? (I'm on a fairly tight budget so I guess there is not that many options, was thinking anything under $40)
    PPS. I did that combination lock trick where you see the gate pin at the right number on my own lock… Let's just say I now have to get a new lock.

  5. hi bill thanks for putting out amazing content you have inspired me to start lock-picking picks are in the mail! ps. i would like to send you a unusual lock for Christmas so please reply if you would like it?

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