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(727) IGOR’s Nightmare Locks


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Picking is the last thing any thief thinks about. They are more worried about how long it takes to cut one of these open. Which is usually much shorter than picking! Wish Bill would do more psychical security videos. :(

  2. Christ, I spent several minutes searching for what part of my house was making the supremely annoying whining sound… I guess it was the PWM frequency on your 3D printer.

  3. Igor and Bill – Is there a Masterlock or similar that is decent aka non shim / no rapping etc ? I was thinking something that looked innocent at first but could be repined to be truly evil

  4. It was with THIS video that I FINALLY realized why threads in the bible with a serrated key pin would give a lot of misdirection, so to speak. NIce lock and fine explaining even in the face of luck.

  5. Hey man, I have to ask; what kind of door locks do you personally have on/ in your house? I feel like they have to be something a little better than average haha. Sorry if that's an odd question.

  6. Bill managed to get "Crunchy" open using the key and sent it back to me with other locks. After spending about an hour poring over the crunchy I found out what was wrong. There were 2 things wrong:
    1. Bottom pins were slightly not "perfect" size, but this alone would not be a problem.
    2. One of the chambers i threaded in the core was threaded using too big of a tap, resulting is a chamber where the pin would flap around. As the result i actually had very hard time taking the key out after I "fixed" the lock the first time; the bottom pin would lock up on a bible and trap the key. I ended up taking the pins from that chamber #5 out and now it works very smooth, but for now it is just a 5-pin lock.

  7. Featherlight tension, ballpick, RAKE! brute-force picking seems to be the fastest in my experience.

    Then again, I'm used to blasting through normal mushroom pin locks in less than 20 seconds on a good shot… I'm impatient.

  8. Do the two standard pins on the bottom create additional difficulty? I would imagine a challenge lock would have all serrated or spool pins.

    Any reason to keep a few standard in there?

  9. I know why you said Victor instead of Igor!!! FRANKENSTEIN. Victor was the doctor, Igor was the assistant. It's one of the strange ways our brains work.

    With all due respect, I also think you got lucky. Serrated driver and key pins traveling in a serrated channel?!!! And that's NOT the 'crunchy' one? Can't wait to see Crunchy's internals

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