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(742) Rallock67’s Deceptive Defiant


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I say let's call that style of homemade pins bombs lol they resemble old bombs to me btw I've see quite a few of those cores with the split down them great pick!!

  2. the steel springs are the standard springs that come with kwickset locks. The standard brass springs come in the new lab pin kits and the other brass spring comes in the old lab pin kits ;)

  3. The very last bit you removed from the lock (visible at 4:37) looks like the Apollo Service Module (i.e. without the Apollo capsule (the Command Module)). :D

  4. Hey Bill love the channel didn't want to ask this but do u by chance have any good practice locks laying around I have been picking for months and keep buying lock that I get right through no challenge anymore if u can help in anyway it would be much appreciated

  5. Hi bill, i have a question to ask. Where is the best place to get locks to practice on? I do have money to pay for locks, but they are very expensive (imho) and i am wanting to cut down on costs. I generally pick one lock until i can remember which pins bind and in which order they bind, and then try a different lock until i remember the binding pins. I will then try the original lock again. Therefore, i an trying to find places at which to buy or get locks from. Would you be able to direct me to the types of shops/places that would sell or give away locks? Cheers, Charlie

  6. You can use you pin tweezers to get those clips off the back of the plug. The tweezers you have in the clip are the type I use.

  7. I understand the feel of counter-rotation for spool pins, but I have a lock where it seems like there are several clicks for each pin~ I'm thinking multiple grooves in the spool like a serrated- and I never know which click to stop at. I get core movement after the first click, but whether I am at the sheer line or in a pin groove I never know. Is there something else I am missing in setting security pins?

  8. Can someone tell me what the name of lock picking method where you jam something down the shackle of a padlock and press back the locking bar? I forgot the name. (And can someone link me to the video where a lock has the ball bearing in it to prevent that method?)

  9. hello I have watched a few of your videos and i was wanting even though you dont like master if their speed dial lock is any good I got it for Christmas and dont know if it is any good just asking

  10. Dear Bob I've been studying your videos exclusively for at least a year I was fairly proficient at picking basic locks but I took a break for a few months and am having difficulties I feel like I'm missing something basic unfortunately I haven't seen the video on how to defeat security pins and if I have the key to a lock and it has radical bidding what does that tell me I need to do thanks for all your awesome Locktube videos

  11. Hey Bill i am considering purchasing a lock pick gun and couldn't find many decent informative videos on these. I have searched your channel for lock pick guns and couldn't seem to find any. I was just wondering what your opinion on these was and whether you would recommend me buying one. Thanks alot S

  12. I saw many of your videos but none of what i saw was difficult enough. So could i ask you , what is the most difficult lock that you have been through all this years?

  13. Quick question. What kind of shims do you use. The ones with the blue handles black steel. Haven't been able to find them. Have you used the ones from sparrows?

  14. Hi Bill, I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to a potential new hobby. I have big hands but am used to working with things that require fine motor skills and so I thought lockpicking might be a good way to keep in practice. I've ordered my first practice lock and set of picks to see how it goes. Thanks again

  15. Bill you really are the Bob Ross of lockpicking. I can watch your videos and be mesmerized on the same level that I am mesmerized by the late great Bob Ross. Much like how Bob makes me think I can paint (I can't, don't have the patience) you make me think I can pick locks.

  16. hey I'm a Newby to lock picking and was wondering if anyone could send me some locks to play with I've bought about every padlock from my stores around here and picked them and there all boring now lol please let me know!!!

  17. Bosnianbill, i have a 7 pin "best Lock", the 6 back pins are serrated and the first pin is a security pin, I've been trying to open it for 3 hours now, any ideas?

  18. I saw another video regarding these locks from "bowleylockcompany" (google search) touting they are the most secure, pick proof lock in forever and ever. What is your opinion on this lock? Do you think it's as secure as they say? this lock reminds me of the "forever" lock.

  19. I just picked my 1st lock it had 1 normal pin 2 surated and 2 spools lock was a old rusty she'd lock I love that feeling when it opens was well fun

  20. Mr. Bosnianbill I just received my Peterson eagles nest that c I bought myself for Christmas I'm as green to picking locks as anyone can get. In about 15 minutes I had 3 No.3 masters open. It us such a let down to know that we trust our belongings to such poorly made locks. Thanks for the videos I have now found a new passion 

  21. Nice pins in there.????????
    Didn't cause you too much trouble though.????????????????
    You didn't put in the description where to get the circlip removal tool.????????
    Sooooo where do you get one from Bill,go on tell tell????????????

  22. really love the intro graphics, whoever does then is doing a great job. congrats on another great video, love what you're doing for the locksport community. keep the good stuff coming!

  23. Hey Bill I've been watching your videos for a while now and I've learnt alot from you, so thanks for the great vids. I've got a few kaba oval cylinders and I'd like to send you one. I've spent upwards of 20 hours trying to open one and have had them in a very deep false set but still can't seem to get it. the spring pressure is so heavy and to keep the pins sets requires alot of tension and as soon as you back off to try find a binder the other pins drop back down. I'd love to see if you can pick one. Please let me know if you would like to attempt it.

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