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(744) Igor’s “Sleeper” American 5200


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. What kind of screwdrivers are those? They have the appearance of brass but, I wouldn't think brass would be a good material for a screwdriver.

  2. Just starting to learn and these videos are brilliant but over here in uk nearly all locks the pins are blocked by the face where there is a groove cut in the key. How do you get past that?

  3. Thanks to your videos i learned how secure my lock box isn't Just a zip tie and a pair of sewing scissors.
    picked in under five min. and it was my first attempt attacking a lock

    you have earned my subscription

  4. Master's newer locks have solid covers over their laminated insides. it does add some security from brute force, but not much else. I was still able to steal the core from an M15, and re pin it into a removable core lock for my locker at work.

  5. Nice video like always bill… Your video let me think about picking some locks i got in my bucket 🙂 and hey i got a kryptonite 45mm or 50mm, looks like a guard padlock(but chrome shiny look) with the master M10 keyway but Man!…. This is my most evil padlock for me yet! Ive never saw this lock anywhere on your channel

  6. hey bill i recently bought a brinks high security lock it say it has 5 pins but i only count 4 its brass btw. 1 standered pin and 3 spools…thoughts? im pretty new to picking btw so i could be wrong but ive try counting like 15 times

  7. Bill, I have a question about tension wrenches. I have a lock (it is a master #5) that I have seen you pick it with your nose…. This one requires substantial tension once it is picked to get it to unlock. Typically, my tension wrench bends before it unlocks. I have put some lube in it, worked the key and still the tension is a bear. The frustrating thing is I can have it picked but due to the tension required to open it, I do know it is picked. Any advice? All my gear is Peterson.

  8. @bosnianbill you know what's makes me enjoy watching you – you're determination to give to others. I'm always going from skill to skill to learn more about everything but when I stumble across people like you I pretty much stick with them til the end. Your efforts of putting up videos as much as you can and providing to the lock picking community does more good then you can imagine. You are a legend in my eyes. I'm happy you do something you truly enjoy. I'll always be a fan

  9. hi Bill, love your videos. been slowly making my way through them and I'm always amazed at your skill.
    I've just started to learn picking, got myself a couple of training locks, one of which is a cut away and re-pinnable which is extremely useful for learning. anyways i just wondering if there's any chance I could be sent a masterlock or 2 from your collection as these seem to be great locks to practice with due to their ease.

  10. chessguy used a flashlight to help pick it. looks like a guy with a 3d printer could make a handle with a white led in the handle, couple of button cells, one side of the led to the pick, the other side to the button cells and a ground wire from the button cells alligator clipped to the lock. inserting the pick would turn on the light.

  11. Hi Bill when watching the strip down it looks like it is a key retaining actuator which means you wouldn't be able to bypass it could you have a look at the internals and tell me if it is key retaining and if that makes it not able to be bypassed

  12. Ive been watching a lot of your videos and it seems like a nice hobby to get into. I picked my first lock today with two paper clips, no joke. Used one as a tension wrench and the other as a single pic. It was only a four pin and I'm sure it just had standard pins inside but it made my day. Where can a new guy like myself get a decent set of picks? Thanks!

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