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(810) Strange Locks from Peter V!


If you are interested in “Weird Locks”, this is the place to see some.  Peter V has traveled the world collecting these strange locks and sent them in for us to take a look at.  They are truly some of the most innovative and difficult-to-pick designs I’ve ever run across.  The keys alone are works of art!  Peer is letting me keep these around the LockLab for a while to study, so perhaps you’ll see a new “Far East Locks” section soon highlighting some of the strange security features I find on these locks.




  1. Curious if anyone follows padlocks, and if there are any newer padlocks as secure as the ones shown in this video available in the mass market North America?

  2. +bosnianbill What is the story behind how you basically do a new intro for each video? Seems like a crazy amount of work, some of them are very well done and unique

  3. The second one is a "Yue Ma" lock (I presume the brand) — yay for Google Translate and being able to draw in characters from non-phonetic alphabets!

  4. I've noticed that with the strangest Chinese padlocks, they are usually designed with a dedicated pick tool produced for each lock.

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