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(818) Tigris Freak from MorphVR6


MorphVR6 sent this Tigris over a month ago and after trying it I placed it right into the nasty bucket with the other unpicked locks.  Every week or so I’d pull him out and give it a go, only to fail miserably because of the paracentric keyway.  I simply couldn’t get a pick into the keyway far enough to access the back two pins.  Then I sanded down a 0.015″ standard hook so the shaft was super thin and found that gained access.  Still nothing until I pulled the Tigris out of the bucket on a beautiful, sunny Spring day.  That is what this video is about: the magical opening…



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  5. great job.. i watched on youtube but i had to come to the website to post a comment.. comments on youtube are disabled

  6. lol Bill, can’t have been too paracentric considering you were picking from close to the bottom of the keyway

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