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(828) Chinese Box-o-Locks



Out of the blue a big box of Chinese locks shows up on my porch.  It contained no note or even a return address or company that sent it.  I’m assuming (and we all know how THAT is spelled) it is from a YT subscriber that sent a note several months ago asking if I would like “a Chinese Lock” from his company.  Naturally (as I do with almost ALL offers of free locks) I said YES!  Anyway, the box had an assortment of alien technology locks, most with difficult to pick mechanisms, even a magnetic lock.  That’s the one I focused on during this video and managed to spoof with a few magnets.




  1. china is really starting to get funky and catch up quick!be interesting to take a peek 10 years from now!!

  2. magnets may open the lock but after a while the original mag key will stop working because your magnets will change the polarization inside enough to ruin the lock.

  3. 2:20, please, try to pick that one, my father has similar lock as his bike lock (hiplok) and he asked i could pick it. well, i'm not able to do it yet so i would love to see if you do.

  4. the mag locks have been around for years, I first saw those style of locks when I was about 12 or 13 years old, I am 43 now, most of the time a good strong bar type magnet will open them, all you are doing is pulling on the locking pawl with the magnet in most cases. that is the first time I have seen one in years though. the other locks look cool though.

  5. That magnetic lock you picked, we had in Mexico everywhere. I learned to open that as a kid. Grandpa had a beer in one had and a magnet in the other. I didn't know it was possible to open without a beer in your hand. Hahaha

  6. BosnianBill – a short while ago you mentioned issues with Storm Lock Picks and their lack of communication. I had order a couple picks from them as well and had the same issue. Absolutely no communication from them. No email responses or shipping notices or anything. Well today USPS delivered the picks I had ordered from them. I had no idea they were even coming. 3 month's time from order date to delivery. I'm guessing this is just their way of doing things there.

  7. That magnetic lock you picked, we had in Mexico everywhere. I learned to open that lock from grandpa. He had a beer in one hand and a magnetic in the other. I didn't it was possible to open lock workout a beer in your hand. Hahaha

  8. That was awesome. I'm looking forward to see more of those locks in the future. The mechanism all look at least interesting – but I hope they also are challenging for you. Or some challenging and some surprisingly easy.

  9. Awesome up dates on website bill ,( pick templates) . I just ordered a bunch of SS about 3 days ago … and the links to all the lock company's , right on …

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