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(831) Jared’s “SloSet” is NOT a Kwikset



This Kwikset core was Jared’s FIRST ever challenge lock and you can tell from the length of the video that it was pretty well done.  Jared took the time to hand make some nice security pins and didn’t go overboard with the threading.  I really hope that someone from Kwikset was paying attention to Jared’s design because then they could see how much security POTENTIAL their core holds, if only they’d incorporate a few security pins and slight modifications.  It would cost mere pennies to morph from the crappiest door lock on the planet into a fairly secure lock.

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  1. WOW, what a great lock! well made homemade pins too! Great video Bill. Ive always wondered though, those extra holes on the side of the core, what are those for? Ive seen this on other kwiksets and always wondered.

  2. The funny thing is, the challenge locks people are turning out in their living rooms with dremels and such like are putting 99% of manufacturer’s locks to shame security wise. Would love to have a go at this one as my first challenge lock! Fantastic job.

  3. What a great Kwikset. Just shows how a lower end lockset can be made into a great one.

  4. I agree with Big Willy that normal Kwiksets are too easy; but these enhancements would definitely be a great challenge to try in my locks. Once again nice picking Bill :-D

  5. Thanks for trying out my lock! I'm no locksmith and this is probably the second lock I've ever taken apart. Just a backyard mechanic. I love your videos though and thought I would try my hand at making a challenge lock! Lifetime subscriber Bill!

  6. You should thank Bill for the clip on the back of that lock, cause Kwiksets don't come with a clip like that. They come with the ones you hate from the factory. lol

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