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(852) Matt M’s Sargent Challenge


And Matt seemed like such a nice guy…  Innocent looking lock, shiny, nothing special….or so I thought.  Turns out that Matt has a DARK side, and it showed up when opened his lock up.  He packed it with really nasty custom pins, gently nestled in a fully threaded bible and core.  Matt really put a lot of time and effort into this one and his pins are works of art.







  1. Wow amazing job making those pins it really was a work of art I would love a video on threading the core and bible like this lock was threaded

  2. Good craftsmanship is a thing of beauty and this lock was definitely beautiful. Nice job Matt, really enjoyed this one.

  3. If you are questioning that there might not be springs in there, shake it in your hand. You will Hear them bounce around

  4. Nice job bill. I've been learning from you and have been able to unlock two locks. And one the wrong way which I'm still working on

  5. I have an idea for a pin, that prevents picking the lock the american "upside down" orientation, I will experiment a bit, and soon Bill can expect to step out of his comfort zone :)

  6. i would always watch your videos for interesting locks, and you have a pretty soothing voice too, so your videos are peaceful, but last night my dad locked the keys in his car, well i used a already belt pair of tweezers and a tiny screw driver (never bought a pick kit because was not planning to pick locks) and tried the overset then slowly release tension technique and got it pretty quick, then it would not go, i remembered my other car you need to turn it clockwise to unlock so i tried that way and got it 3 times before grabbing a flathead to have some turning force, and got it again and still nothing so i tried the first way again and it turned out i just did not have enough strength with my "tension wrench" so all in all i picked a car door lock 5 times, this experience made me think, what about a split cylinder lock? maybe even 3 pieces? where you get a few degrees of turn if you don't have the wrench down all the way before it locks on more pins if your did not set them too, then you could not get to them because they are not accessible anymore, and without a long wrench you would not be able to tension them with the opening lined up anyways

  7. Bill did you play around with the lock before you made the video? I noticed an impression from your tension wrench or from Matt's it lined right up with your wrench.

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