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(860) Clay Miller’s Nightmare #3 (FAIL)



This is the toughest to pick lock that I’ve seen in quite some time.  Man, I spent over a week – a couple of hours every night – working on that lock.  I probably had close to a hundred failures.  I usually pick for about 10 minutes, then re-start but that got old real quick.  10 minutes with this lock barely got you a false set!  After a while I just let the camera run, and run, and run…  My persistence and stubbornness finally paid off and the lock opened, but just as I flipped it over to begin gutting, the battery died.  Crap.

Thinking I had the lock “figured out” I spend another couple of weeks trying to get it open.  I actually did at one point but my memory card was full and I didn’t realize it until trying to process the video.  Again, crap.

Finally, I gave up.  I was losing too much sleep over this lock to keep going.  Clay, you beat me down…

Still, it’s important to share with everyone how much work Clay put into this lock.  The design is brilliant!  The pins are beautifully done and perfectly matched to the lock’s binding sequence.  Perfectly matched to keep me out, that is.

Stay Safe, Stay Legal!




  1. I think this lock, and Gilbert’s last lock deserve their own Locklab.com page, higher rated than lock Porn, maybe “Master Achievement “

  2. Bill, I just wanted to thank you and compliment how well you produce your videos. Each one has been a well done tutorial in a one on one conversational tone. I really appreciate that you take the time to explain and demonstrate the rooks and methods you use as well as talking tuberous the steps. Stay safe, stay legal, stay the course – thank you!

  3. How did this work as an actual lock? Was the key actually usable on a daily basis? What I’m really asking is would it be practical to put a lock like this on a door and actually use it daily?

  4. Ugh 😨 , nasty, nasty lock ! Clay has some “evil” in him . . ..😈😱👹👺👽👾💀, nice pickin’ from what i seen, brutal, Bill ! 👍

    1. Gilbert you are a master! He obviously couldn’t figure out how to make them single piece. I’m still wondering how you did it?!

    2. Gilbert, imitation is the best complement, and your last pinning job just completely floored me. You are definitely a master at it, it’s given me something to aspire to, I never really thought about doing it before I saw your lock.

  5. I can't think of another video where you sounded so exhausted during the picking… kudos Clay! and whether on video or not, kudos Bill on the pick!

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