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(902) Review: Mad Bob’s TOK Tension Tool Set


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I ordered a set of rakes from mad Bobs with a 5week wait ,I guess its worth waiting for if there as good as there other stuff that you have reviewed, but I will wait and see if I can win the wrenches before ordering and waiting another 5 weeks

  2. Wow the locklab im hooked on it check every day for new reviews
    Its refreshing to see some wanting to pass on knowledge and advise
    So we can all enjoy the feeling of poping locks. Thank you sir

  3. I have now realised that the its the wrench that opens the lock and tension is paramount so a set of good wrenches ( I nearly said wenches, thats a different forum) would be good

  4. Dude, I’ve been picking several months, opened quite a few locks and had some pretty good success for a basically self-taught picker, then I stumbled on to your lock picking course and wow! my picking skizzels have really improved. Thank you for a well written and concise course. My hat is off to you professor!

  5. I do better with straight feel most of the time. I can feel counter-rotation. I will close my eyes when I pick, or not even look at the lock. Again, with the exception of no thick top of keyway from Sparrows, I have to go with Sparrows on the wrenches…. AGAIN. I got my Vorax Monstrum XL, and 3 pippin files from Lock Picks Canada, and I got the .015″ hooks & rakes, and some extra hooks in .025″, as I do bend & break the darn things. My standard hooks usually always wind up with a back bow in them, and eventually they break. Those German picks are totally awesome! I want the furniture warded & lever lock tryout keys, but $800, for both sets,,,, whew! Uh yeah, pricey, but I deal with a lot of old antique furniture and antique tool chests and musical instrument cases. I just bought a gorgeous set of piano tools. These are not typical tuning tools, but action tools, for rebuilding pianos. Eventually I got the chest open, and oh my, it was filled with all sorts of treasures. No tuning tools, but $1000s in action rebuilding tools. They are all German, Italian, French , Austrian, Swiss or English made, ultra high quality tools too.

  6. I would love a set of these. they do not come with the sets I have bought. I live in the uk

  7. i will have to see about ordering a set of those don’t have any tok wrench’s yet . they look quite useful . Thanks bill.

  8. All i could afford was a garbage set that was bssically all hooks. Id absolutely die for a good kit to tinker with.

  9. Wow… that is a really nice kit… I’m praying that my name comes up on the drawing…
    Thanks Bill, Nice review

  10. These TOK tension tool will improve my torsion technique and help me to tension the top of the keyway when there’s no space at the bottom of the keyway.

  11. I find the amount of tension on the wrench to apply whilst picking is a difficult skill to master, a good set of wrenches like these would certainly improve that skill

  12. Bill, the “S” curve design is effective on only one end of the bar; when you try to use the other tip, you’ll have to bend the index finger backwards. A “C” curve suffice for convenience on both ends makes the whole bar a bow, which is hard to fit in normal tool-cases.

  13. That radius issue is an oversight. I wonder how many locks with recessed keyways it effects?
    With my luck I’d probaby file right through the wrench implementing your fix.
    Still a very nice set at an excellent price point though

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