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(910) World’s Toughest Motorcycle Lock


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Looks like a really tough lock. I had a trailer stolen out of my front yard about a month ago. Really wish I would have had one of these on it.

    I’ve since bought another trailer and added several other locks and cables. Then I found this one…

    Please add a link to where I can purchase one of these.

  2. This lock and chain are really impressive, not to mention the improved chain. Cannot wait!
    Thumbs up BIll, as always.

  3. Why did’nt you use butter bits which are designed for hard plates in safes? Also you should have ground the body of the lock. Their is no question that the lock would keep them out but a professional would look for other less secure means such as a van or flat bed truck and steal the entire bike.


  4. A corker of a line, which I will use again and again – “Playing fair’s for titty babies, right?”. A real pearl…..

    Around about 10:40 – I might even use it as a ring tone

  5. This is the toughest lock and chain I’ve ever seen. If you can’t pick it, there’s little chance that any bike thief would be able to do it.

  6. Really enjoy your videos, this lock would really help to keep my bike safe, keep up the great work!

  7. Could the screw that holds the lock retaking plate on be drilled out? I picked up some locksmiths drill bits on eBay and they seem capable of drilling most things. They are a TCT drill bit but profiled like a normal drill bit rather than the normal paddle tipped TCT masonry bits.

  8. Been getting great joy from your videos and the toys master lock makes. Would love the chain and the upgraded lock. Thanks

  9. Bill–I would love to win the lock and chain–even with your expertise–it was tough. My kind of lock. Thanks again. Dp

  10. Awesome lock. I’d like to own it for my HD. Quick question. If the bottom screw holding the plate is the weak point, why not try the bolt cutters on the case at that point?

  11. I’d Love to have this lock for bragging rights but given that I don’t own a motorcycle, it should probably go to someone else. I’ll opt out of the contest for this. Good luck to the winner

  12. Attacking this lock in a war zone is the only way I can see to mask that signature. Fine piece of gear! Worthy of the kind of bike I ride.

  13. Wow, that lock and chain are beasts! I was thinking as you were drilling that perhaps a tensioner-type device in the keyhole would help keep the anti-drill plate from spinning? But at any rate, it is not a lock that will be defeated quietly, that is evident. Enjoyed the video!
    By the way, that phone booth lock down in New Orleans eventually drilled out but what a mess it made!

  14. Great video, great lock and chain combo. Only 1 future grinding suggestion use an 1/8 inch cutoff wheel.

  15. I see Bill got a gun to protect himself from his polonium house cat. The scratch above his right thumb now looks like a radiation burn scar. Don’t try to pick cats. They are tougher than this motorcycle lock.

  16. This has got to be the best chain and lock I have ever seen, would be great to have it, I would use it on a trailer (for now) as this would stop the rotters stealing it.

  17. Wow it’s a same to destroy an un-pickable core, that’s what I need to slow the criminals down. The lock and chain would be worth as much as my Honda though!

  18. Great video glad you got your gloves lol
    Would the dremel diamond discs have cut that last stud off to eject the core ?
    Keep up the good work I’m learning all the time

  19. That is a hack of a nice lock to load up with a junk Chinese core. That Assa core makes it 100x better. I think I would have started with a smaller diameter tungsten carbide aviation/aerospace grade bit. If you go to Boeing at certain times of the year you can buy large flat containers filled with the stuff they deem worn, or lots of stuff that gets swept up off the floors, or tools they have deemed obsolete. Bring a flatbed truck, the containers they sell at Boeing are big. You can get end mills for under a dollar, but you will have 1000s of them. We had a job site for a park in a remote location where the nearest neighbors were a steel company half a mile away, and Talley 1 mile away. The thieves hotwired a skid steer loader and ripped holes in my storage trailers. They were not happy to discover the trailers housed stadium and parking lot lighting, so it was all for naught. The thieves shot at my security guard which resulted in me shooting them, at at least their vehicle was killed. They wound up running into a dry riverbed, and probably crossed into Fountain Hills where they probably got a ride home, minus the truck they came with. Tungsten tactical 12 ga slugs will stop a truck.

    1. Your point is well taken, but given the amount of effort to get through the lock and chain given extraordinary methods, this is adequate. Everything can be made better, but I’ve learned from 40 years in engineering that you need to know when something is good enough. If this shrink wrapped locked is for sale, the target buyer is not to defeat a criminal equivalent of BosnianBill and his vise w/ power tools.

  20. That is one tough setup Bill. When you get the production version of the next one can you go at it with tools a typical bad-bugger is going to carry first before going all medieval on it? I think it would be great to see the lack of damage that a bad guy can inflict before you get your “serious openers” out.

    Do you think a fireman’s hydraulically operated cutter could get through that chain?

    1. Only if they have some exotic alloy jaws in the hydraulic cutter. I have had people try to cut hardened chain, and lock hasps with hydraulic cutters, and I usually wind up with the task of replacing broken cutter jaws. The jaws are hard but very brittle and they will break like glass. Case hardened chains & hasps will cut easily, but through hardened will just break chunks out of the cutters. We do have a cutter set with tungsten carbide brazed jaws that might cut that chain. At $500 per jaw, and $1200 for the matched pair, I just not very apt to try it. A large tungsten cutting rod and an arc welder would plunge right into that lock, but you need a good sized arc welder with a 240 volt AC 30-40 amp power supply.

  21. That is one hell of a tough lock, or rather…it was a tough lock. Love the videos Bill. I learn about locks I will probably never get to work on myself. 68 years old and still learning locks.

  22. I love your video!. They are so informative, and entertaining. Thanks for the great content.

  23. Would a tungsten carbide drill bit work? I’ve seen those things go through super hardened steel.

  24. Would using a cutting disk (thinner) in the grinder rather than the grinding disk give faster results?

    1. Watched many of your videos and I always root for you to come out the winner vs. all kinds of exotic locks kind of a hero who always wins……..but in this one and having just bought a new trike and wanting to feel secure when I park it. I caught myself rooting for the lock & chain and thinking of you as a villain. Good to see a product that does what it’s supposed to do. Thanks for all the videos you do.

  25. I was just looking at your old video about this chain and lock, I was shopping for the pewag 7/16 chain online but it was out of stock at the time. Great to see the lock and chain holds up very well.

  26. I love your work Bill. I hope this is enough to register. I’m a huge fan ovetkill and I think this combo truly embodies that concept.

  27. Great videos! I don’t have a motorcycle but I do have gates and other things to lock up.

  28. That’s one lock I’d love to use to chain up my bike 😃
    A comment is enough to enter the givaway?

  29. Great job on the motorcycle lock-I watched the timer on the video and it took ~30 seconds to grind through the chain, the shackel, or the pin on the body.

  30. I don’t see where to register for the giveaway but I could really use a quality motorbike lock… consider this as my entry.. Thanks

  31. I didn’t even know they made that lock and chain. No one would ever be able to break thur it.

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