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(928) Review: PickPal’s Intro & Expansion Kit


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Man, I am really glad I do not have to pay some of the shipping prices to Australia and NZ. Outrageous prices.

  2. Nice little kit. Reminiscent of SO’s usual quality. I really like that Euro Hook.

  3. I have recently started picking, and i have purchased a southord C801 kit. Could you recommend a sturdier beginners kit. Picks work well but still feel I have the beginner heavy handedness.

    1. If you think you’re going to end up as addicted to picking as the rest of us, have a look at the C2010.
      The C801’s picks are great for tight keyways, you’ll find them useful later.
      You’ve found the best resource for learning picking I’ve ever seen, the reviews and beginner videos will give you a pretty good idea if you would prefer to to just add a couple of picks and tensioners to your C801.
      Or you can make them yourself.

  4. Pickpals & Lock Picks Australia are the two biggest supporters of lock sport in Australia & New Zealand. Both are excellent companies to deal with.
    As you rightly point out, without them we are forced to pay exhorbitant shipping fees from the U.S. & Europe. As an example, if I were to buy a single Peterson GEM from Petersons site, the shipping is roughly $US40 for an $US8 Pick.

    1. It’s a ridiculous price for such a small parcel! Somehow we can probably both get cheap E Packet shipping from China for next to nothing. I have bought a few electronic component “junk boxes” odd vacuum tubes and other bits & bobs from down under and had them shipped to the USA, but I usually pay as much or more for shipping now. The shipping costs from Russia have also gone into low earth orbit too. Shipping from Canada to the USA is odd, as sometimes it seems pretty normal & fair with some items and with others it’s just bloody ludicrous insane. I blame eBay’s shipping calculator for a lot of it.

    2. I’ve found both to be great to deal with, the deterioration of our postal service means ‘normal’ parcels can take up to 3 weeks ‘in country’ so it’s all a bit of a lottery now unless you use express or a freight service.
      Freight to Aust. and N.Z. has always been a pain, what they offer by default can be a shocker but ‘most’ suppliers will give you other options for freight if you ask for it.
      The range can be A$10 to A$80 for the same parcel corresponding to a delivery time of 8 weeks to 4 days from USA Canada, Germany or GB.

  5. Thanks for thinking of us Southerners. PickPals delivers fast as well. Never had any problems with them. Usually though I buy stuff from Lockpicks Australia who have never let me down.

  6. Bought this set last Friday. Hasn't arrived yet, but it'll get here 😉

    Postage inside Australia isn't just cheap. It's free! Looking forward to giving them a try.

    Thanks for the review Bill.

  7. another excellent demonstration and explanation. I've gone my whole life not giving a damn about lock picking…..and then randomly landed on this channel. this dude kicks arse in his craft. love it.

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