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(269) How to Rake Open SFIC (Removeable Cores)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Shouldn't there be something holding the cores in place? I can't see any catch sticking out so how do they stay in place?

  2. Peterson makes their "i-core" tension wrenches for putting tension on the core to open it to control. It takes a little bit of getting the tension tool. In place, and when you put tension on it, it feels like you have a fault set right off the rip when you use that tension tool instead of a normal one.

  3. I have several Best locks and every time I pick them I pick to core. I have never been able to pick to the operating shear line. What am I doing wrong (or right). I know I can open the lock by removing the core, I just can't figure out how to pick them open.

  4. lol i'm so dead serious when i say this, but i was racking the lock so hard it popped out and i stabbed myself in the thumb with it. Like after the first fluke i was hell bent on getting it open again, to my hand's demise XD it bleed wayyy more than i thought, i musta stuck an artery or something

  5. I think the reasons why you're hitting the control shearline every time is because of two (2) things:

    (1.) You're applying bottom of the Keyway tension on the plug; of which is also grabbing onto the control sleeve on the SFIC core cylinder.

    (2.) You're lifting the pin stacks above the OPERATING shearline; of which only allows or permits the CONTROL shearline to operate.

    These reasons would be the only things that I could think of that would allow you to reliably open all 6-pin & 7-pin "BEST-Style" SFIC Cylinders to the CONTROL Shearline.

  6. I'm about ohhhh 2 years late but i'm new to locksport by about 1 month ( I figure it will help me clean up my act…seriously) and to be honest I have learned pretty much everything i know from your Youtube channel. Also, the Mike Gibson tutorial was worth its weight in platinium ( I learned about it thru your suggestion so…yeah. You are the locksport messiah!) But what I actually started this comment to say is " i like the new intro". That is all. ;-)

  7. I think one reason it was easier to rake to control is because of the the rake. I think you're pushing the pins above the operating shearline already so the control is the only one you can get

  8. That settles it…First pick I make is going to be a Bogota, preferably the triple-hump version. THEN I'll start learning how to pick locks. Kind of backwards, I know, but you need tools before you can start picking, and I have a tendency to do things bass-ackwards anyway. :D

  9. you must have the magic touch or something or just the right set of picks, I cant pick or bump or rake my bests to the control, granted I am a novice pick, mostly just drill and replace cores

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