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(348) “Tickle” Dimple Locks Open – Fast!


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. hi and I have one question for you what is a dimple pick the set I Got came with the pic it is strange looking and when I looked up what it was called it said it was a dimple pinch it is flat and a little wide and looks like some waves are going over the metal

  2. you have inspired me so much I just got my first lock pick set in the mail today I've been picking away at rocks all day long I've opened every lock in my house every padlock that I don't now I have to go out and start buying other locks that might be a little harder to unlock because it's unbelievable how easy The locks on my homework to pick deadbolt locks mind you Schlage deadbolts and I'm a novice picker I've always been interested in picking but never had a big good picking set till now thank you for inspiring me it is so much fun picking locks

  3. So I have a mini fridge, and it's been locked for several years. I do remember the key having dimples on it, no grooves, just a series of dimples. The key hole has a row of 5 to 6 dimples on the top, on both sides. I'm having a hard time tickling it. If you can help, that would be greatly appreciated

  4. Great video and very interesting technique… Thanks for sharing. I just got a D10 for practice and will admit to being disappointed at the tolerances. This is one case in which the scary looking key is not commensurate with the pick resistance of the lock. 

  5. Hi That was nice always wanted to know how you picked a dimple lock, I have already 10 filing cabinets, and i have the SOUTHRD PXS-14 and i have the ebooks on locking, I think I need more practice.

  6. +bosnianbill Hi Bill. I want to learn how to pick dimple locks, and I am wondering if you have any recommendations on which lock would be a good one to learn on. I've been picking for about six months, and I think I've progressed sufficiently on pin tumblers to move on to dimple locks. I'm not sure where to start with dimple locks. Any advice would help. Thanks a lot!

  7. Jim, "normal" dimple locks have pins only on one side and you can look in the keyway and see them. Just poke'em with your pick to see if they pick upwards or downwards. Some locks (Kaba, Keso, etc) have pins on BOTH sides, as well as the top and bottom. You'll know these when you see them – they are really hard to pick. Others (DOM for example) can have two rows of pins on ONE side. Again, difficult to pick.

  8. WOW Bill you really shamed that lock 😀
    Your tickle method looks really fantastic!
    I still can't pick them the old way, I sent them to you as a high security lock. And now I witness an opening in less than 2 minutes… You put your master in shame Abus D10! 😀
    (BTW:4 passive pins and 6 active if I'm correct.)

  9. Rich, I've been overseas quite a bit and haven't had time to focus on the Mul-t-lock yet. Now that you've reminded me I'll try to get at it this week sometime. Mul-t-locks are my nemesis…

  10. Nice one Bill, will have to try that as rubbish at dimple locks. Have you popped the mul-tlock rim I sent you yet? I have spp'd it once or twice but raked it on video and thats about it

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