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(361) SHIM those nasty locks open!


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Really enjoy these videos! As several others have said here in the comments, it speeds up the process if you have a blank key for the lock you need to shim. I also like to slightly ease the top of the ramp at the end of the blank key to make the initial downward movement of the pins a little more gradual as I withdraw the blank. It seems to make the process even quicker and easier.

  2. you can do this with a static bag if you're careful and just pick one pin at a time
    i did this when i accidentally mispinned a lock with 6 serrated pins
    the key wouldn't work and my skills aren't there yet

  3. I find that a blank key makes a good way to bring the pins to the shear level, can be don in the field with two hands. I was using the pick but it is to hard to do in the field if needed. The blank key makes it easy to feel the pins, while the left hand supports the barrel with the thumb and middle finger and the index finger pushes the shim. Even the most difficult opens easily and quickly, give it a hot. BTW watch at least 3 or 4 videos every day and continue to learn. Thanks

  4. Thanks for the informative videos. I think that I have learned more from these than any classroom. May I add one thing to your shimming technique…….use a new, uncut key blank. Working it gently in and out all the while using the shim as per your insructions. For me, this is a much faster method than picking. Again, thank you for the interchange of info.

  5. You have any videos up regarding picking these type of KIK locks? Though I no longer do it really, I used to rekey Schlage and Kwiksets pretty frequently and whenever I or other people would screw one up it was either send the lock back to the manufacturer or rip off the top-plate and rebuild the whole thing (which isn't a lot of fun in a big-box store with customers everywhere.) I have been considering getting some picks and wouldn't mind actually knowing how to pick one of these if I ever got back into fiddling with them again.

  6. Are these shims made from 2 thou stainless foil? Curious because it looks exactly like the stainless heat treating foil I have a 100' roll of in the knifemaking shop. Those look easy enough to make….

  7. I cut a V notch in the end that goes into the cylinder. Keeps it from sliding sideways. Also lets you move the shim back and forth when you hit security pins.  Seems to help me somewhat.

  8. An easier and best way is to use the proper key blank when shimming. The slope at the tip will let the pins fall along it slowly. One thing Bill didn't mention is the shims can cut you but good if you're not careful

  9. A couple of other tricks. If the cylinder is very tight, lightly squeeze in a vice and you will have a slightly wider shear line.

    You can cut a v shaped notch in the shim and it will keep the shim centered over the pins when shimming.

  10. Actually the correct way to load the top chamber is to start in the middle and work your way first to one end and then reverse the follower position and work your way back out the other way. Don't start with chamber 6 that is making more work for you.

  11. yeah, no point in just shimming to control, I am a Best shop so if I have the core out, I will pin it. was wondering though about the front of the cores, probably not since it is really tight.

  12. Absolutely, but you can only shim it to control because of the way the Best core is built. Why would that be useful? Well, if you have cores with only operating keys, you could ship it to control, insert it into a padlock body, and lock it in. Of course, getting it back out will be difficult but most times that doesn't matter. I've done it with Best, Arrow and Kaba Peaks.

  13. I have a question, google "Remington rac lock" ….. sadly I bought 2 of these for securing rifles. They have these weird round keys, and after playing with them for a bit figured out that you can open them with a bic pen….noooooooo! lol.. do you know of a similar product that isn't crap? I love the idea of the lock itself but the locking mechanism will keep me awake at night

  14. U do great non picking videos like this with tips. Tip- make ur euro door safer= change ur bypass able thumb turn for a double lock with a '1 side at a time can' and if u put a key in the back and turn it horizontally, it will be unpickable! It'll pick but won't open. Priceless!

  15. I have removed the top piece that holds the pins in from above on some locks. Works fantastically! It's very tight nut just squeeze fitted. Put in vice, use small flathead or punch and keep tapping with hammer, make sure to not damage the edge and it will start to slip out

  16. Hello good day just to tell you that since I subscribed to your channel I liked this humble trade of mexico and now I have set my locksmith business grace all the videos you have uploaded. Receive greetings from MEXICO.

  17. Justin, the Kwikset should fit – they are pretty standard (except the American/ML pins). To re-install the drivers you'll need to load each chamber by hand one at a time, beginning with #6. Use a follower to hold it in in place while you add to each chamber sequentially, holding each in place with the follower. Once they are all in, push the follower out using the core (already loaded with your new key pins). Viola! done. It's a little awkward at first but you'll get it in no time.

  18. Another great vid. I'm new and as I've been buying tools weekly picked up a bag of LAB spool drivers, Now I see how you just empty the cylinder, How do you replace the top pins and springs without them flying or just making a mess? The ones I have are Kwikset but they must be similar in other locks lie the you just emptied and the Kwkset dead bolts I want to repin.

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