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(432) Beating Wafer Locks (for Beginners)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I recently came across the wafer lock. Apparently this obsolete lock design is used for desk locks and sometimes they open the Russian way (opposite turn, and it took me 3 tries before realizing it). They're pretty easy to single pick, rake, and rock them open.

  2. lol i managed one of these locks with a paper clip and a broken pair of pliers, wasn't sure how the lock worked but thanks to you and a lot of patience i got it opened

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I bought a new set and it came with those double sided picks that u showed and i wasn't sure what the heck they were for but now i know

  4. Bill-I have been fiddling incompetently with a Capitol padlock-it cost only £3.00 at a convenience shop.I tried all ways to pick it but only succeeded twice (pure luck) I was so frustrated that I bought another one and Dremmelled  up the side it was a bloody wafer lock.The lock is about 1" square and surprisingly all brass body.Wafer locks should be simple-this one isn't.If I send you the lock and keys can you have a go? I know Bill is very busy so if any other viewer could do the same,you are welcome to try.(On video preferably).

  5. I've been very interested in lock picking lately really just for the SnGs and have been stuck on your channel for the past like 3 days :). I've been successful picking my own door but I'm stuck on my tool box. It's got what seems to be a simple lock with 4 wafers but i've been struggling to get it open. Now the wafers are very sensitive and I was unable to just rake them into place but I think it's because I can't actually get enough tension to bind anything… Any tips?

  6. if these are so easy and obsolete then why does sentrysafe still use them? i broke into mine with a flathead and a paperclip in 17 seconds. actually less because i had to stop and start the timer myself and no tools were in yet.

  7. I made some lockpicking tools out of some paper clips. Tried it out on one of the wafer locks on the science room drawers at my school. This other dude, Evan, asks to try it. I tell him what the tension tool is for and what the pick is for, and he opens it within 7 seconds, with no prior knowledge on lock picking.

    tl;dr Wafer locks are crap. 

  8. I actually see wafer locks a lot.  All of the locks on our filing cabinets here at work have those, I guess because they are cheap.  I had to pick my own one day when I forgot the key and wanted to get my headphones out.  I had to McGyver pick it with office supplies, lol.

  9. In my experience the waffer lock is most comonly used in cars even "high security" car locks with lazer cut keys are a form of waffer lock, but they get much more sophisticated with the use of sidebars, split waffers with tabs ridding on the inner grooves, or a clutch mechanism in some cars like bmw and audi/ vw which allow the lock to turn 360 without activating the tail piece.
    So the waffer lock should not be overlooked, especially if you intend to work with cars. The basic waffer lock is a good starting groud for understanding these types of locks. Also great for learning how to impression, though they do mark differently than pin tumblers.
    Great video as always bill. Would love to see you get into more high security locks such as medeco and multi lock etc.
    Happy hollidays to all.

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