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(110) Make Your Own Pry Bars (Tension Tools)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Just started. Great page and YouTube videos. Excellent Job Bill. Glad to be here. I have Peterson and blanks and the bending too.

  2. I never would have thought this was this easy. Thanks Bill for showing how do-able this is.

  3. I went to the dollar store and they didn't have any bread knives, but I found something even better…stainless steel spatulas and a s.s. pie server.
    The ones I found were .030 .035 and .040 thick and because of the shape, you can make several tools from each one.
    Also, because of their shapes I was able to make some curved hook picks using the pre-existing curves.
    Now if I could only find some templates to make some tools, since I don't have any tools to copy. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  4. For those that are making their own prybars, I'd like to offer another option. Dollar store/thrift store, table knives!!! You only get 1 per knife blade. BUT, if you look for it some table knife blades are thinner at the tip than towards the handle

    The obvious advantage is being able to make a prybar with 2 different thicknesses in the same tool. A single prybar with a .050 and .030-ish ends would be even cooler. Somebody has probably done this but the idea hit me at dinner a few nights ago.

    Love the vids

  5. Bill, I need to correct your saying 'ALL manufacturers' are using the same thickness. I love Sparrows for tools, but they are making their prybars with 0.032 and 0.025 stock. They work, but don't grab the top of keyway as well as the Peterson

    I found some spatulas at the dollar store that look close to 0.05 and will be enough material for around 10.

  6. I made a template of the Peterson tension wrench from a picture of it I found online next to a ruler. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e5b4ruu9lot0t35/Peterson%20Template.pdf?dl=1

    The only difference is that there are no curved edges because I suck at the Photoshop pen tool. The curves are done by hand anyway so I thought it was no big deal. I used this to make my own and they turned out great!

    Please thumb up my comment so more people can see the link.

  7. is there anyway to get around the Grinding step, because i dont have or have access to a grinder of any kind… well i have a grinder bit for my dremel but that seems like it wouldnt work very well

  8. a little tip is, at least for me, would be to shoot all the metal working and just but the time at which its over instead of editing out, cuz i would have like to see some more of it, i prolly wouldnt have watched it all most likely skipped threw to parts i wanted to see but still

  9. hey Bill. just started making my first set of picks out of dollar store knives. I'm using the stainless paring knifes set of 4 for a dollar. thanks for the tip.

  10. for God's sake please bolt down your tools, your vise is wobbly and that grinder is completely loose, makes me nervous watching you. Safety is number one priority. Anyway great job

  11. I have a filing tip for flat straight edges that might help you out. After you finish holding the file at a diagonal and push stroking, turn the file 90 degrees to the edge, (perpendicular), and run it back and forth like a draw knife. This will take out the imperfections and flatten out the surface. It also tends to polish, especially if you experiment with your finer tooth files. This is an accepted method that has been around a long time and doesn't hurt the file as long as you lift between strokes like normal filing. Only takes a few strokes after rough file to really clean things up and you can skip the rough sandpaper step for flat edges. Getting in the habit of grabbing the file brush every time pick up a file and using it anytime you see any metal specks on the file speeds up the work about 20%. Thanks for the vids – you do a great job!

  12. Do you need multiple copies of tools because they wear out or are they slight size adjustments? I used to collect the metal brushes from street cleaners, is that a decent material? 11:40 you might be more than ashamed if you were caught using them in public :)

  13. Hey Bill ….Love your video but I have a question…If you was going to get your pry bar/Tension wrench material from Eastern Industries  what item would you get?

  14. Great work Bill,made my first prybar an very pleased with the result. I masked the tips when polishing with gaffa tape so I didnt thin the ends too much. 

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