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(118) Pick Making Part 5: Final Finishing


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Hey @bosnianbill , I had an urge to work on my pick set one evening to do a touch up, but was fresh out of the right grit sandpaper. I did however noticed my Japanese waterstone knife sharpening set laying around (800, 1200 and 6000 grit). Hardly used the 800 grit, but using the 1200 and the 6000 as a finisher did a fantastic job. Have a glass like finish on them right now.

  2. G'Day bosnianbill, thanks for this series, I actually dug up my very first P.O.S purchased Chinese spring steal set, that I got before I had any clue. being in Australia it was way to thick and poorly finished. use the shapes as a template worked great +1, I also practiced the tuning and finishing on a few shapes I'd never use +1, the techniques are excellent and I was quite surprised that those pick are now "usable" let's face it a polished P.O.S is still a P.O.S but usable non the same cheers.
    Stop killing bottles of Coke.

  3. Great content as usual Bill! For anyone interested in going the extra mile to get an extemely fine finish on your picks/tools… it is very easy to use an honing compound on a grinder or dremel polishing wheel to put a mirror finish on that will glide through your work with ease. For samll stuff like picks, I use a polishing tip on my dremel with Veritas Honing Compound on it and it works fast with beautiful results. You can find it here http://www.leevalley.com/US/Wood/page.aspx?p=32984&cat=1,43072. Found out about it sharpening carving tools.

  4. In the 9th grade I tried to get the locksmith on the way from school to apprentice me. He flatly refused. 36 years later I'm still interested (and will not go to that shop) I'm learning now! BTW what book are you using for this? I hope its not a good book.

  5. Yupppp… BOOK METHOD is they way to go from now on!!!! Caught my thumb a week ago and it wasn't too bad.
    Tonight while sanding down a beautiful Peterson gem I rammed it up under my middle finger nail. Holy Fuck! I'm sure I've learned my lesson now! I hope. lol

  6. Yeaaah great thts what im after. I am also on Kerpeeshes list for a few of his picks, cant wait. But ive heard I will be….a while! Yours are great I had to watch the vid. Must be tuff for ya your wife always pinching your stuff hmmm?!? Thanx again

  7. Hey I hope those neighbours of urs arent watching haha…maybe they r the ones who disliked??….cnt say I understand tht ither if u no likey dont watchey, simples! Anyways I have recently gt my 1st few Peterson picks, I love em so without wrecking them can I polish them up to a smooth mirror shiney finnish too? They do have like a black finnish to the rubber handles carbon steel ones bt the government steel lifter pick is jst normal?? Why is it some are black btw, do u know?? Well thnx fab as always. X

  8. Thanks for making this vid, this is a wonderful way to start, if you have really good tool's all you have to do is learn the hand dexterity to begin with the hobby. Thanks again bill for helping a rank beginner!!!

  9. You are too kind and my face is red. If you'd buy the beer though I'd LOVE to have you for a neighbor instead of the ex-convicts that live there now… Thanks again for the compliments.

  10. I really wish I had you as a neighbor. I'd mow your lawn, buy the beer, whatever it takes to be a buddy and soak up your knowledge.
    Thanks for your videos. I bow in respect to the master.

  11. Thank you so much Bill this step by step is a huge help to all of us newbies that are trying to get into lock sport nice to get tips from someone as learned as you.

  12. Thank you sir! I really enjoy making them as well. I figure I'm doodling in the lab anyway, so I might as well video & narrate it. Just takes a little time to set up the camera.

  13. Very nice, high-quality work. Picks look great! I do remember seeing the "book sanding" technique from kokomo but had forgotten about it until now.

  14. Great finish mate!
    As said before, never thought you would do these yourself. Gotte bring two of them to Germany so that our engineers can test them! Just kiddin 😉

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