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(451) Security Pins – How To Make Your Own!


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. awsome vid, love these tutorials, im just getting in to lockpicking and havent came across any security pins yet, but now i can make my own, thx bill

  2. have you tried using a hacksaw i think you could get one fine enough to serrated pins. Also the color contrast on the last pin showed up great!

  3. I am starting to come to the conclusion this channel has reached its end. All locks are pickable with time and if you have 1 minute you have 1 hour. If you have 1 hour you have 1 day. So on and so forth. You bring on new locks and designs but you pick them all in minutes. Whats the point?

  4. Also for anybody interested, Dremel has a workstation that costs about $30 and allows for plunging to use like a drill press as well as a tilt feature and locks in place horizontally at 90 degrees as you see in the video. It's way cheaper than buying a vice if you don't have one. Either way works great, thanks, Bill. I never thought about chucking the pins like that.

  5. It might be helpful to those folks who aren't mechanically trained to explain that using a V-block and a secured vise – clamp-on mounted to the edge of a table or bench works – is what allows one to use the Dremel tool as a special purpose lathe as you have here…

  6. In case it helps anyone with their searching: the tool that Bill refers to as 'forceps' in this video is generally called a 'hemostat'. The tool actually called 'forceps' is more like the 'tweezers' that Bill usually uses when gutting.

  7. Is that chuck an attachment? or did it come with that Dremel tool? All of the Dremel tools that i see today have that tip where you just place the tool and screw it down to tighten it.

  8. hey great video I have been picking for a wile now and here in Puerto Rico is very difficult to fine lock picking tools. I was wondering were can I get extra pins for a american 5 pin core that I have or if you sell them my email is assassixn00@gmail.com thank you.

  9. Absolutely amazing bill!!!!! I was thinking of making security pins but no clue where to begin, now I also have a use for all these standard pins I got laying around!!!!!! You are the mofo'ing man!!!!

  10. Wish I had seen this video before today. I was play around with locks and had a wild idea to make to alien pins.  I dont have a Dremel but I do have a Rotozip. I can get modification for my Rotozip to convert it from a small 3 jaw chuck to a collet. I only had one small fine but I was able to make a few spools and serrated.  I was thinking of making a mount for my Rotozip and making a tool rest much like a wood lathe. Then modify some needle files to use for plunge cutting like a parting tool on a wood lathe. Maybe can get extremely sharp edges on spools. I have a set of eye loupes up to 10x.. Anyone on here doing some exotic things in making special pins?  I am a newbie. Started in  Dec 2014. Always looking for any advice and direction. thanks.

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