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(462) Code Cutting Keys (Poor Man’s Version)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Thank You! That was very informative for me trying to cut keys. I was wondering what to buy for key cutting and how to go about this.
    I think this Site is great and I have learned a lot for my next profession or side job.
    I Need a break from being in IT for 17+ years… Thanks Again!

  2. This doesn't seem like the poor mans version since you'd have to buy a set of sample keys and a gauge for every brand of lock you worked with and there probably aren't any for some obscure brands. Isn't there a better way to do this like measuring the depth of each notch? Even if I knew the depth I'm not sure how it could be used with the cutting machine though.

  3. One time i held a steak knife up to a Key and used a vise grip to hold them together. I then proceeded to used a wizard/dremel/rotary tool to make a copy. And I had a banana up my ass while i did it lol

  4. +bosnianbill Hi I'm new to your channel so do forgive me if you've made a video touching on this topic. My situation is that I've lost my spare key to my window lock but I still have a cut key on my work keyring. Now I have access to the tools to cut my own and I have a blank I've picked up for 50 cents. How ever I've counted the bits on my key being 6-7 while the embossed code only has 4 numbers. I've looked for a makers mark on both the key and lock but haven't had any luck.

    So my question is; is there a way I can find the 2 missing digits to cut my key to code? Or is this a certain kind of bit coding? There's no evidence that they've been worn off and with my lack of terminology knowledge google hasn't been helping me too much. Anything would be highly appreciated.

  5. Need some advice from someone. I'm looking for a more challenging lock. I was thinking maybe a best, or an american lock so I could pick it and repin it. Anyone have any advice here? What would be the best value getting the lock, multiple cores, and pins? Also, is the best place to buy these products from ebay?

  6. In a Survival Guide i read,that when you wanna open a Door,cause perhaps theres Food or Ammo or whatever inside you might need after some "Mad Max Endtime Shit" Happened ;)…you can take any Key you find and file grooves inside which represent Number 8 Deepnees.They said thats the most deep any Key will be cut.
    After that you should be able to insert this Key into any Lock and use the Bump Key Method to get it open.
    You think thats true? Could you try it out?

  7. Can I use some Calipers to measure my keys?? any chart to convert .223" or so unto Key #'s like 2 , 4 , or 5 ????? American AM-3 key today.

  8. looks like at some point ebay banned key cutting machines. is there a good source for finding used key cutting machines like the ones in the video for about the same price?

  9. Seems like a faster solution would be to make an adjustable depth setting jig with a set of swappable notched depth blocks, and a tapped strap for all the set screws to hold the blocks in place. Sort of like a tool post for a lathe, but with several milled slots in it. That way you just pop all the depth blocks in real fast, and start grinding without having to swap guides out while working.

  10. Two things…MACS is maximum adjacent cut specification and Master purchased American. They were originally two separate companies, which is why the depths don't match.

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