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(167) Master Lock Screws Up AGAIN!!! WHAT are you guys THINKING???!!!


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I have a master padlock with the number 259 stamped on the bottom. I have not seen you try any of these locks, the key way looks sort of like a z-type pattern, ( like the black strip on Charlie Browns shirt), Was wondering if there was any video,s on this type of locks?

  2. Hey, just saw this video and thought I would give you some information to know what those locks are used for and why they are designed as you see them. Those locks are used…or at least used to be used for…areas you might want to get into really quickly in the event of an emergency. The idea is that you didn't want people to easily gain access to certain things on a ship but at the same time you wanted it to be easy enough for the ships locksmith to get in to it if something went wrong and the keys were missing. Not only that, but you will find that this lock in particular is very easy to break by using a screw driver and hammer banging in on the top where the free side slides in to the body. This is also by design. At least that is how it was explained to me back when I was stationed at my first duty station in the early 2000s. In the military it is often enough the case that security is mainly meant to be an inconvenience because service members are stuck so close together you don't necessarily need to absolutely stop entry or access, just delay it. I noticed there were a few other vets talking about these locks in the comments here, but it doesn't seem to be common knowledge as to why they are used. That's something I took for granted. I have nothing left from my first command to back up my story, but I imagine if you run into a Navy lock smith they might be able to tell you more if it isn't classified. I have no idea if it is or isn't, but I was never sworn in on this so I don't think so.

    Edit: Another thought is that I don't know if these were designed to have these weaknesses or we just used them because of the weaknesses. Might be a research project for somebody with more time than I have.

  3. Master lock is an excellent lock. For the price you cannot beat it. Do they pick easy? Yes. So what? Thieves do not pick locks so it's a mute point.

  4. i played with MANY master dg's while I was in the service. after several months of use many just quit working with their key. they get gummed up with crap… the plug is super wobbly. just junk lock. worst than the new 5200s

  5. Hey, could you make like an intro to lockpicking video, or something like that? I think lockpicking is really cool, but I don't really know what to do to start.

  6. I'm a Marine and I work in maintenance and all of our gear is locked up with either these or American Locks. And if we can't open a lock we have a "big red key" to open them. It's just bolt cutters. And we get a new lock.

  7. You wanna know how we picked U.S. Gov locks when I was in the Army? A large crescent/adjustable wrench, tightened onto the body and we would just twist the lock right off.

  8. I just live it when bill flips out. It's fantastic. Here's a guy who plies his trade, a professional. You can hear his baited excitement when he begins picking and then the damn thing just falls open. You hear his disappointment and ensuing frustration, idk why but I almost died laughing here. I Imagen him shaking his fist to the sky, "DAMN YOU, MASTER LOCK"! lol he just wants a professional challenge and master lock always ALWAYS seems to let him down. I laughed so hard I cried a little.

  9. Master Lock spends their money on marketing, not security engineering. And unfortunately, that seems to work well enough to keep the cashflow going.

  10. That looks similar to the locks that the units with smaller budgets get. I have seen some similar to that in alot of maintenance units and Im sure they are the same kind but I cant be positive.

  11. Master Lock never was a good company. All of the locks like this one will more often than not open with keys from another master lock. Note that all of the keys for this type of master lock are similar just slightly different. I'm willing to bet in a box of 100 of them you'd get quite a few with the same keys.

  12. We used these in the Army all the time. They also come as keyed alike sets. Always sucked when someone lost a key, and you had to cut the lock. Sadly, they already HAVE the contract.

  13. its likely used for areas that anti picking is not needed or expense is a factor like a common entry gate where hundreds of keys would be needed. The sort of place where say, picking the lock is possible but so is a loaded rifle or two to discourage such attempts. I like the nuclear bfr lock if you need something to stay put, it weights a couple tons, made of concrete and if i recall correctly, the block is recessed/moulded into a special slotted space into the ground so it can only be LIFTEd out of the ground with a special machine. No pins or keys, but generally the machine that has no muffler or windows is not the place i want to be sitting if i'm not supposed to be there using it.

  14. When did you get this? I got mine in november or so of 2012 and it is 1 digit off of your serial number, I also have another one rusted out I can't pick yet and I don't have the key to the rusty old one. The only reason I know the serial number is to identify the difference in the 2 without having to look too hard.

  15. I don't understand "security" ….all of these locks are useless , even the $1500.00 ones, if you have a $30.00 grinder. Locks just keep honest people honest. 

  16. whats funny is I hade a locksmith tell me once that master lock makes the best locks and are super hard to pick I refered him to look things up on youtube and well I never herd back from him about it.

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