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(184) WordLock Combination AVOID THIS LOCK!!!


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. It doesn’t matter if the lock is factory set or user set… the gates will still need to line up the same in order to unlock it. User-setting the letters only spins them to match the existing gate positions. I actually used a different method to open one I found because it was a bit difficult to see the internals… but you just pull on the shackle to put tension on the wheels, then wiggle them one by one. You can feel them tighten and loosen. The loosest letter is usually the correct one. I unlocked it in about 30 seconds. The combination was actually P-O-O-P. LOL I changed it to C-R-A-P. By the way, not all 26 letters are available for each wheel and each wheel has different letters missing. Only 10 letters exist on each wheel for the one I was working on. No T on the last wheel means you can’t set the code to be S-H-I-T. Oh well. It was good fun and a bit of humor for about a minute!

  2. I have a 3 com number Master lock I got years ago for luggage its incredibly easy to open without knowing the number.
    just pull on the shackle and spin a wheel its always loose on the right number and stiffer on any wrong ones.
    no tools needed to open. lol it was $5 for 2 and is black/brass. opens in seconds.. i don't trust combination padlocks like this anymore.

    broke one by playing with it so much. it got me interested in seeing how reliable locks really are. and how crappy Master Locks really are. lol
    subbed your channel.

  3. Our store uses a wordlock similar to this; and someone changed the combination lock as a joke. The manager was about to get the bolt cutters when I remembered this video a few weeks ago. I was able to crack the code in about 20 seconds; and saved us a lock. It's not a security problem that someone knows, but it's required corporate bullshit. Thanks Bill!

  4. just rotate 1 by 1 and test each time you move it +1 increment and when you do a full circle around then move the next 1 over +1 increment and do this for all them till you get the right combination,it might take a long time if theres a lot of dials but you will eventually get in

  5. Even worse, you can find default combinations on Google. A friend had a bike locked with this and forgot the code, took me 2 minutes. And it was also GYMS.

  6. I have a bike lock version of this. You can feel out the correct combination just by tensioning it with your hands and turning the wheels. It's not even subtle, the wheel completely locks up when it's in the right position.

  7. when opened you see 7 known words….. ball leap flex gyms core dusk mind ….. maby thats a easy way to open the lock 2 knowing that they used known words not random letters even wierder 7 known words at the same time -_-

  8. 10.000 possible combinations? Maybe mathematically, but are there 10.000 four letter words? Probably not. The whole idea about using words instead of numbers was to make it easy to remember right? So even if it was well constructed, the idea is still a pretty bad one.

  9. these kind of locks are what got me interested in lock picking… could not remember the combination to my bike lock when i was about 10 years old. took me about 10 min to to get it open. next day at school i opened everyones bike locks and swaped them around lol

  10. Even on Abuses you can see that. I mean, these kinds of locks are pretty much useless. Funniest part is when people say "it's better because it's with letters".

    Are people this stupid to not understand that what's written on the wheels is purely cosmetic???? It could have pictogram of pooping stick men. It wouldn't matter at all to the mechanism.

  11. Even though this lock isn't much for security, most locks really only keep out the honest people. If someone wants your property bad enough no lock will keep them from getting it.

  12. Totally agree. DO NOT BUY THIS. I have the same delay mechanism (notice I didnt say "lock") and forgot the combination. Had it cracked in 3 or 4 minutes. While my version had tighter tolerances between the letter dials and housing I was still able to gently pry open a sight line down into the housing. I would use this mechanism as minimum security for low cost assets only.

  13. Funny how all combinations along that line were actual words… Ball, Leap, Shim, Mind, Flex, etc…
    I would like to see you pick it without the factory set code. Maybe those lines don't match as well in those cases?

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