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(192) Master’s New SafeSpace Computer Lock (JUNK!)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. A thief would have to be pretty dumb to spend 5 minutes trying to pick a PC lock when the owner could be getting back from the bathroom any minute. And a laptop owner would have to be even dumber to leave his computer alone for longer than a few minutes.

  2. Everyone: Compare what kind of lock you’d put on a $2000 bicycle, compared to a laptop that might cost the same…(and also have the memories and work of your entire life on it, including that pic of you sticking that vegetable up your ass or something.)

    I know that bike would get a solid steel bar lock, unshimmable, with no keyhole or anything, welded shut, with only a perfect forward security encrypted RFID unlocking mechanism inside. (locked when unpowered or overpowered, and infinitely rechargeable via attaching contacts or solar cells to the outside, thanks to one of those modern capacitors that can hold a charge for very long.)

    So shouldn’t it be at least same for that laptop?

  3. I found one of these locks abandoned on an old desk ready to be thrown out because no one knew the combination to it and the person had spun the wheels so it was locked… very easily I put pressure on the button that opens the lock and turned the dials slowly until I felt it grab… did this for all of the wheels and now have myself a new (used) deterrent lock… as im fully aware that these locks don't really do anything but deter would be snatch and grabbers.

  4. It would be ideal for an expo. Where there are multiple computers showing different projects to attendees. The computers are never completely alone, but not well-guarded either (attention normally goes more to the attendees than the computers).

    A good pickpocket could come along to grab the computer without raising any suspicion to the ones who do notice him. But with a simple lock like this, it's impossible to pickpocket.

    There are a number of such cases where the computers aren't completely guarded, but never alone either. A simple lock is ideal for such cases.

  5. "Let's twist just for curiosity" you said? Have you even heard "curiosity killed the cat"? Well, this time guess "curiosity killed the lock" :P

  6. Standardized oval-hole case locks have never been super-secure. They are useful as deterrence at the BEST. Mostly used in colleges and campuses and dorms.

    In combination with a camera, if someone DOES steal your equipment, they also have to defeat the lock, so it becomes a matter of breaking and entering, defeating or subverting a security device, and theft/grand theft (all felonies in some situations).

  7. Hey Bill, Uh.. theys a coupla' dudes here to see you. Big dudes. Ugly too. Wait a sec, Bill. [what do y'all want?] Oh. They said they just want to talk to ya Bill. Hold on a minute, Bill.[Where y'all from? Master who?] Oh. Hey Bill, what did you do to Master Lock?

  8. Have needed to do this on a laptop legitimately only with a Kensington tumbler style keyed lock.

    Opted for inserting an incorrect key of my colleague's, whipped out my multi tool, plier on key tab. twist as if I was "unlocking" the lock.

    The anchor of the lock bored a lovely neat little hole out of the side of my laptop and was free inside of half a rotation.

    Another colleague did it the messy cable cutting way a few weeks prior, still had the lock block attached to his laptop, same technique freed his laptop from the damn thing.

    Granted the anchor point is now a round hole, but its neat and looks normal just won't allow you to anchor anything by it anymore but given how easy it broke free… I think Kensington lock points are a failed design anyway.

  9. Working in an office with a lot of people like I do also sometimes allows for people who don't actually work there to casually piggyback in the security doors where they can just grab a laptop off a desk or some other expensive item and walk out… While that wouldn't be secure from a thief that has the time to mess with it, I think it would do well stopping the random person walking through an office from simply picking up a laptop and walking out with it.

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