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(267) Master 930 Bitch Picked (and another angry customer video)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. "Okay, so my kid's bike was just stolen"

    …and after these words I don't believe her video is genuine. I don't believe anyone would be this pissed off after 15+ minutes from the incident, or that a person this utterly unpleasant ever got anyone convinced to talk to her, let alone make her a kid.

    I then watched another two or three sentences from her before posting this.
    I'm 100% sure this is acted. I assume she's your wife or friend no offense meant in the first paragraph. I also assume she's not this horrible in real life, as this is just how it looks when she tries to pretend she's angry.

    I like the concept of the video, even if it were outright stated all of it is acted, the problem is horrible execution on actress's part.

  2. what the hell is with the FAKE angry bullshit video of the woman. you can clearly see she's reading as well as being a shit actress. It's fucking nonsensical. A proper video of a real reaction from her would have been a hell of a lot better. Im not saying she's telling lies about the indecent, just that the video she sent was ridiculous and clearly staged.

  3. Master Lock is proof that marketing works. The only thing they have going for them is brand recognition and packaging. A lot of stores only carry Master, and some cheap Chinese crap next to it. Walmart at least also carries Brinks – which isn't great either, but at least they throw some spools in there.

    The typical "I need a lock for my bike" customers with no knowledge of locks are going to go somewhere like Walmart to buy a lock. They're getting screwed even harder if they get a Master "bike lock" – then it's an even shittier wafer lock, or a tubular lock that can be opened with a ball point pen.

  4. Bill, you are the king. I am always so amused by your videos, and educated, as well.

    Unfortunately, given the ugly reality of trying to order anything online from here in Argentina, I don't think Sparrows can help me. I can just imagine myself trying to explain to the customs agent why I am ordering a set of lockpicks…

  5. this is a classic story about research, know the product you buy before using it to keep your valuables safe!!!! its sad that a child is learning the lesson for his mommy's naievity.

  6. I wouldn't even secure my outhouse with this.

    Why do i have an outhouse you might ask?

    Well, i have a vacation cabin and there are no "high tech" shit in the middle of nowhere, and that is the way i like it there.

  7. I agree that masterlock shouldn't advertise saying it's high security but then, should they buy her kid a new bike? no, she could have done some research before buying a lock…

  8. The basic problem here is not the lock getting picked, it's the neighbor seeing the kid hanging out on her patio and relying on the police to stop the crime in progress…no photos, no nothing…not even scaring the kid off or slowing him down by at least asking him what he's doing. When you're that afraid of challenging someone who obviously is not where they should be and obviously doing what they shouldn't be doing, you really have far bigger problems than whether your lock is secure. You're getting punked out of your own neighborhood.

  9. Not knowing anything about locks aside from the fundamentals of lock picking (largely due to people like @bosnianbill), I have to ask: What is the small hole on the back of this master lock (this lock seems to have another hole on the bottom of it as well, something that isn't exclusive to this certain lock)? I've seen it on other locks and have always wondered…

  10. I'm not so much sold on her story. The makeup and the botox(?) makes me wonder. And why not show the lock or the area the bike was locked up, and I don't see a high demand for kids bikes where I live but maybe they are in demand there.

    Besides that, I am not going to blame the lock company for that, What if they had of just cut the lock, cut the chain, cut what it was chained to? Do I blame the glass company who made my car window if it gets broke in to by someone smashing the window. They could of just a easy and not as loud broke in using a antenna between the outer door and the window, they could of stuck a antenna in and unlocked it from the inside, the could of picked the lock, the could of drilled the lock but not matter what it is not the company who made the glass, not the one that made the car, but it is the thief i am mad at, if it wasnt the the thief it would be myself for not securing it better, for not having my security cam rolling

  11. Very interesting indeed. I thought I'd give it a go at bitchpicking with my Master Excell, which is rated 8/10 on their security scale. Sure enough, 15 seconds later it popped open. Far quicker than SPPing it which takes 25-30 seconds.

  12. Jesus, I had no idea. I use this same lock to secure my trailers. I'm a truck driver and some loads are considered high value, worth at least $100,000. I had no idea I was putting myself at risk. I originally had an Abloy that cost me $100 but accidently lost it. I bought this lock at a truck stop as a replacement. I'll be sure to get a new Abloy at least.

  13. I belatedly realize I have about 8 of these NOT securing a couple of shipping containers. Do I replace them for a fortune, or re-pin them with the usual spools and and security pins I'll have to buy from you ( or someone)?

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