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(313) Master M736 Puck Lock (JUNK!)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



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  2. I think the security of these puck locks is under estimated. I have a 6271 that came on a trailer I bought and I need to get it open so I can use the hasp. Been trying to open it for a month but nothing works. It must have some spools or other kinds of high security pins in it and even the keyway is a problem since it won't accept any normal Master keys. Looked through a big drawer full of keys and the only one I could find that would even go in is an old Junkinc Bros. American key! I'm nearly to the point of sawing it open to see what's inside it!

  3. I'm not from the US, and all I know about Master locks is from your channel.
    But at the end of this video I thought the easiest they could do to improve the security of their locks might not to spread their name all over it!
    I mean this lock looks quite intimidating. But their six letters look like an invitation.

  4. Honestly, I think Master Lock is relying on the thickness of the steel to intimidate the would-be thieves, same with the "high security" padlock that you bitch-picked. they are relying on the heft of the lock to deter the thieves.

  5. Master lock did not build that lock with the thought of a professional picker. It was built with criminals in mind. Criminals know shit about picking. That is a great lock for the job it was designed to do.

  6. On future videos can you be more politically correct. There are also women who are locksmiths. Please refrain from using the word fellows and use ladies and gentlemen or just people. Thank you.

  7. Can some one please tell me what is the music for the first 15 seconds. I kinda like it and want to listen to the whole of the track. Please.

  8. would it help if u installed it upside-down on ur truck? i think it might be harder to pick since u have to operate the pick with ur left hand, any thoughts on that?

  9. What type of padlock or lock assembly would you recommend me using on my storage containers? They have the typical lock box cover welded on the doors now. I was figuring on getting some padlocks for the lockboxes now, then further it later by welding on something like this. Any suggestions? thnx

  10. Do you understand that by publising how to open the lock, you make it easy for ass-holes to rip off some-one. You are a problem…….

  11. To be fair, the lock is designed to foil thieves with bolt cutters (as it says right on the box). Having been a truck driver, I can attest to many cases of stolen goods where the padlocks were cut off, but never had a case where the lock was picked. According to a State Farm document I saw once, less than 7% of burglaries involve attempts to use bump keys or lock picks.

  12. i thought of getting a little picking set because i have some old locks lying around and i have no idea where the keys are. and i also think it would be something nice to do when i'm bored :P

  13. They should have put the steel ring all around the lock and used an extra long key to reach the cylinder . That would have made it impossible to acces the cylinder directly.

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