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(398) Mul-T-Lock Interactive Picked & Gutted + Opening Tips


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. 3 minute pick on a $300 lock. I have ask, what deadbolt has taken you the longest? I understand that you are a professional, and you practice on these types of locks. The better you are at it, the less dumb I am for having one on my front door… lol!

  2. Good video. I am an apprentice locksmith myself but haven't taken the time to try one of these yet. I really should though as we are a multlock dealer haha.

  3. I bought a Junior from a jerk on 'E_ay', that auction site who claims they are pick proof. Emailed him to say nope. He replied with IC but is still at it. I have picked mine 3 times but its a trial. Got it once in about ten minutes but mostly took much longer. I can't go down the right side or get trapped or over set 3rd pin. I may file down one of my Souber flags or make a custom one. Great job. Ten tries? Pffft Been there

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  5. Excellent Excellent Video Bill.  I just got an MTL from a local locksmith and your video is really going to help me pick this bad boy.  The only thing I did not catch was what did you do to defeat the interactive pin??? What part does that play as far as picking the lock is concerned.  Thanks

  6. When you do a new video I watch it. I don't really like anyone on here, or interested in videos, as much as lock picking. I need to get a better camera so I can get better footage of my lock picking. I was thinking of getting the Nikon Coolpix S9400. I've uploaded some lock picking vids. I really want to be as good as you one day, just need to practice. I can pick any normal deadbolt & padlock so far. Need to do some security pin locks next in the future. Very Nice Videos.

  7. the reason you had trouble getting the core to turn to pull it , is that the key in tip aligned. Without the cam , the key had nothing to stop against.
    I think this is an older lock. Most of the newer ones come with 4 spool housing pins and depth C and D on the key pins are also torpedo shaped.

  8. i watch all your video and i cant help to be amazed . i keep trying and trying if one day am half as good as you i will be a happy man

  9. Great video and picking Bill. Nice pinning tray, Did you make it yourself LOL!!!! Great that breast cancer awareness was said. My Wife is a volunteer for assisting women in breast feeding new born babies and has a phone that can ring 24/7. A lot of calls are from women who may have breast cancer. We all need to support "Breast Cancer" Great video again Bill and top marks for the shout regarding breast cancer awareness my friend ;o))))

  10. Well done bill! Quite a challenge I would say and a pretty secure lock especially when you have the MT5+ also called Zeiss Ikon R10 here but they are both the same. Looking forward to your pick of the + now!

  11. Jim, the interactive pin is just a normal pin that gives the normal signals. To be honest, it is an advertising gimmick designed to intimidate us. Treat it just like any other pin, Pick it when it ASKS to be picked by sending a signal. No big secrets here… Now, does this qualify me to be an offical member of your "TIGER team"?… no tiger locks over here….

  12. I found a neat piece of kit about a month ago that a guy in your line of work might like… Look up Gould and Goodrich B860 on google. It's really supposed to hold pistol mags, but I found that a leatherman st300 or swisstool spirit fits in the .45/.40cal model just fine and it's adjustable. Really classy way to carry my surefire 6px and ST300.

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  14. Oh, I'm only half joking… But I agree if you try to be on alert 24/7 you'd end up in a padded cell… Even drug loards and mob bosses hire body guards because they have to sleep sometime and if they can't find someone they can trust with their life paranoia sets in and screws up there whole existence …common in criminal enterprise.

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