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(18) How to Beat Mushroom and Spool Security Pins – Abus Titalium 6-pin


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. have a small sterling brass padlock that, according to the website has mushroom or security pins. the problem is that the barrel has very loose spring tension on it, so it just stays where it is when appling tension. have only managed to spp it a couple of times. any thoughts or advice?

  2. Perfect tutorial Bill. Now I can't wait to get home and attack another lock 🙂 I learned a new thing last night. I had several locks that were older and used and I just couldn't spp them. then while watching one of your videos I noticed you always bounce the tension wrench after you set a pin to make sure it's picked or not. but I found with some of my locks it also helps to advance the core "fully" so another pin can bind. so now I push pretty hard after each pin just to make sure and I went through all my old locks in about 30 minutes. Thanks again for all the tips

  3. It didn't appear the latch used ball bearings. You stated it couldn't be shimmed. Is the locks defense the from shimming simply due to the the tight tolerance from the shackle and the body?

  4. Like it Bill! No science just pure logic….
    I have one of the Titalium 80TI/45 6 pin padlocks. Nice to hold whilst being picked, as the alloy body is very light weight yet the 'brushed' finish makes for good grip and though light it still feels like a quality lock. However I have only managed to pick the dam thing just the once! After many attempts during which the feedback has led me to believe I was 'almost there, but the shackle does not pop! As you state the bitting peaks and troughs on my key are very extreme. Are they all spool type security pins in this particular Abus Titalium lock? I also have a 5 pin Abus 83/45 SeriesZ, but can pick this padlock every time in less than a minute, even though the key bitting also appears fairly extreme. Any further advice on the Titalium on where I may be going wrong would be appreciated?

  5. Hello, nice video, wanted me actually so buy a lock for a suitcase, but not anymore, which padlock you could please suggest me what in the price class as the abus or maybe cost a little more, please 🙂

    Regards Thomas

  6. I just bought the 64TI/40 and there are no security pins in there. 9 out of 10 I can just randomly rake them open. Was very dissapointed… I will try the 80TI series

  7. IMO they are not "High Security". Pretty obvious just by watching the video! Besides that, they have the old style shackle locking system. Ball & cam is MUCH better. The only real difference between these, and lets dare to compare with the 5 pin MASTER brand locks………. Not much difference. It's just that the ABUS will take a few more seconds to pick! Same ole thing in comparison to AMERICAN, SCHLAGE, and others. They all are in the same league when it comes to security level. Inline pin stack locks are not very secure. And it does not really matter even if equipped with security pins.

  8. "There's no science to it just pure logic"
    Seems like science to me.

    I'm almost certain you've applied the scientific method to picking locks.

    Scientific method:
    – ask a question
    – do background research
    – construct a hypothesis
    – test your hypothesis by doing an experiment
    – analyze data

  9. Bill your a 'lock wizard' I so wish you were about when I first started lockpicking! The way you describe and explain things is top notch 😉 Abus locks are excellent for the 'false set' practice as you say, I learnt a lot from them. theAshman02.

  10. Like a spool but rounded at one end. I've only seen them in older Abus locks that were made in Germany. Oddly, in the US the Abus locks have standard pins installed – no security pins at all – but they are easy to re-pin.

  11. GREAT! Sometimes when a lock irritates me I just set it aside, just as you did. Somehow, probably magic, I'm able to pick it later in the week when I pick it up again. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working for me with the Mul-T-Locks or Evva 3KS…

  12. Bill!!! I DID IT!!! That bloody Lemen 254 "Top Security" i was really struggling with, i did as you said and set the little sucker aside and just left it alone for almost a week. i thought today was the day and i managed to spp it! i was using too little tension… every day is a school day.. it needed loads of tension and "click" it went. thanks for the tip. keep the videos coming.

  13. It depends on the type of locks you are attacking. For most US locks, the standard 0.025" works fine. For many European locks, or others with constricted keyways, you'll need something thinner, say 0.015". Most manufacturers offer both thicknesses.

  14. Nice picking, I'm currently halted with my picking since I moved and my homemade picks got lost so I've ordered a klom set, I've done a couple masters and I think I have a diskus lying around waiting to be picked

  15. Jay,
    I've done several Abus diskus locks – probably all of them. You will love playing with them but start with a 4-pin model first. If you want to get good with security pins on-the-cheap, go buy a Master Lock 140. When you whip THAT, try the 150.

  16. Another GREAT one Bill… and just what I needed…. this is exactly where i am at with my picking right now…I have been playing with that Almont since you sent it back to me and today was the day I opened it… and I did EXACTLY what you were talking about in this vid… got a false set and then went after pin after pin… Finally got it… TY…and now to the next one… have you ever done a vid on the ABUS Diskus 24…. i have one sitting here mocking me as we sprak ….

  17. Alex,
    First, thank you for the kudos! Insofar as telling the difference between spools and mushrooms – I cannot tell any difference during the pick. There probably are many people out there with a more highly developed feel than I that CAN tell, but as far as my technique – its the same for both types of pins. Usually, Abus locks have mushroom pins and most others employ spools. I've mixed them up in a cylinder and cannot tell the difference until gutting the lock…

  18. OK, so where do I get a couple of these locks?

    Also, from what I could tell, it sounds like the technique for clearing mushrooms and spools is about the same… are there any subtle differences or tips you might have to offer?

    I love your videos Bill! Please keep them coming 🙂

  19. Mick,
    Thank YOU for watching! The Abus locks are not yet popular here in the US, but are expanding quickly. For some reason, the American version almost always has a "weak" keyway (SC1, SC4, KW1, etc) and NO security pins. Why take an excellent lock and dumb it down? Anyway, I buy almost all of my Abus locks in Europe, where I'm lucky to work often.

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