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3D Printer Downloads

Click the pic & go to Makerbot’s download site.


This is the “Official” LockLab pinning tray.  The design is about 8″ x 6″, but you can scale it whatever size you like.  It takes about six hours to print.


This modified version is to accommodate the plug in the V-slot.  It also has separate chambers for the pins, springs, wafers and tweezers along the top.  It takes about five hours to print.


The mini tray is small enough to fit into your pocket, yet has everything you need to field strip and re-pin a lock.  It measures about 3 x 3 and is thinner than the other trays, so takes only about two hours to print.


If you make your picks out of windshield wiper inserts, this is the handle for you.  The measure measurements are the same as Peterson picks and it has a slot in the front for the wiper insert.  I usually print off 10-12 at a time and epoxy in the insert, then grind the pick.  The handle gives me something to hold on to when grinding and sanding on the insert.


This is a print platform working on 14 complete sets of 4 followers. The four fit the most common diameters in N. America and Europe and have different ends to accommodate different actuators.  A set of 4 takes only about 75 minutes to print.


I got tired of having all my expensive dremel bits rattling around in my tool box, so designed this neat little carrier to hold them.  Now I know where everything is, it’s condition, and my inventory level.  Never again will I run short of bits or cutting disks!

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