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(1020) Review: Sparrows Spirit Pick Kit


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Nice review, the audio sounds much better. Great job you have been busy lately. Should be time to take the wife on a quick run to the Bahamas?

  2. That’s a nice looking set, doesn’t look super-comfortable to hold though XD

  3. Me like those Sparrows a lot! I wish there was a secret santa named Bill providing me one! 🙂

  4. I may end up buying this kit. I’ve got a drawer full of locks that aren’t picking themselves and have been hemming and hawing about buying vs making my own picks. This set looks just about perfect.

  5. Just started picking locks about a month ago, it’s fun I just don’t have the money or many picks to mess with, it’d be great to have

    1. Kocie zakÅ‚adki – cudeÅ„ka, niezbÄ™dnik mola książkowego.Po przeczytaniu wypowiedzi na blogu stwierdzam, że Zosik nie zawiniÅ‚,przecież chciaÅ‚ zachować wstrzemięźliwość czi,olnycze-zakupowÄ…ta teraz ma prawo wahać siÄ™ czy wybrać smakowity „owies”, czy pachnÄ…ce „siano” :))

    2. I’m looking for 3 cheap starter boards for my triplets. They are only 10 years old and just starting out. Something kinda cheap (under a $100??) would be great! I live in Huntington but would like to come and see what you have, possibly next weekend. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  6. Until now I've never used an L rake on a master lock, blimey was a quick open. I've always used a W rake or a bogey to rake them open.

  7. Seems a very nice set to me, covers the kind of picks I tend to use. Just wish they'd throw in a few top of keyway tension wrenches.

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